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7308Re: [orthodox-synod] the antique calendar

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  • for4z@aol.com
    Jan 2 9:22 PM
      In a message dated 1/2/2003 6:10:44 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      jan814@... writes:

      > But simply to assert the superiority of the Julian calendar without
      > offering any explanation won't do. For one thing, asserting without
      > explaining is extremely and extraordinarily arrogant and thus hardly
      > a Christian way of behaving.

      Several years ago there was a much involved discussion on the calendar issue
      on this list; perhaps somebody can repost some of the explanatory letters
      that were written then. Here on this his list are also people who have
      extensively researched and studied this question, such as, for example,
      Father Alexander Lebedeff.

      As I understand it, the calender issue is not a sentimental one, rather it
      deals with spiritual and even practical thinking. Nobody will begin to argue
      the correct method for calculating Easter, which was established by the
      Ecumenical Councils. For if anyone celebrates Easter at another date, the
      Canons say he is to be excommunicated.

      When Orthodox Easter is supplemented with the Gregorian calendar, however,
      problems arise. Not only is the Apostles Fast at times completely lost, but
      so are the weekly Gospel readings, and eventually, Easter will begin to shift
      through the Gregorian Calendar, in many years even coinciding with Ascension,
      Pentecost, and Christmas! This obviously, was not intended by the Holy
      Fathers of our Church. As one priest put it, "the calendar/Easter system
      originally used and developed by the Holy Fathers is like a seamless, smooth
      running and oiled machine. Introducing the Gregorian calendar with Orthodox
      Easter is like throwing a wrench into the machine; it creates many unforeseen

      Perhaps an expert can provide more examples and thoroughly explain this
      issue, but I hope this helps.

      -Nick Zaharov
      PS-There are many visible signs of nature's submission and concordance with
      the Church's authority (in the use of the calendar). The Holy Fire at the
      Holy Sepulchre only comes down at Orthodox Easter. As I have heard, the holy
      dew which falls on Mount Tabor only does so on the "old style" day of the
      Tansfiguration. I'm sure others can think of some more examples.

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