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7304Re: [orthodox-synod] the antique calendar

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  • StephenATL
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Dear in Christ, Jan;

      I am sorry that no one has taken the time to answer your questions.
      Perhaps it is the tone in which you asked them. Anyway....... my poor
      and feeble knowledge is not eloquent enough to do so. Below are some
      links which will answer many of your questions........ and EXPLAIN the
      "How and Why" the calendar was changed........ and "why" many of us
      resist this change.....

      How and WHY the Calendar was changed in the Orthodox Church in the first

      Part I: http://orthodoxinfo.com/ecumenism/photii_1.htm

      Part II: http://orthodoxinfo.com/ecumenism/photii_2.htm

      Liturgical Havoc Wreaked by the ┬źNew Julian┬╗ Calendar


      MANY Articles on the Calendar Question..... from many sources


      In Christ,

      Jan Rogozinski wrote:

      > I keep hoping someone will explain to me, before I die, this
      > obsession with the "calendar." But I guess no one ever will.
      > Some "orthodox Christians" just take it for granted that we have to
      > use the same calendar Czar Nicholas used. When asked to explain why,
      > they say, "just because" or "kinda because."
      > Any calendar is a human invention. From God's point of view, there
      > is no calendar. There merely is today, between the rising and the
      > setting of the sun. We may decide to call that portion of
      > time "January 2" or we may decided to call it "yzot nubza." As we
      > choose. It does not matter.
      > It happens that the earth goes around the sun in a certain set number
      > of seconds every year. So that the winter equinox and the spring
      > equinox reoccur every year after the passing of a certain number of
      > seconds. It also happens that the Christian (Gregorian) way of
      > counting reflects that fact accurately, so that the date on which the
      > equinoxes occur is the same every year. The Pagan calendar of the
      > Emperor Julius does not reflect hat fact as accurately as does the
      > Christian Calendar. The error is very small. But after 2,000
      > years, it has mounted up to 14 days.
      > The Orthodox Churches never have had their own calendar. The
      > Orthodox goal is to make time holy, to make the day holy whatever
      > human words are used to refer to the time between the rising and the
      > setting of the sun.
      > Orthodox Bishops and laymen simply accepted the calender of whatever
      > country they lived in. Hence, in the Roman empire in the 4th
      > century, they simply took over the calendar of the [pagan] government
      > existing at that time. Now the government uses the "Gregorian"
      > calendar, which is superior to the "Julian" calendar. Why not simply
      > use it, exactly as the fathers for the ecumenical council accepted
      > the calendar used by the government of their own day?
      > Some folk are thrown off because the accurate calendar is
      > called "Gregorian" after Pope Gregory. But Pope Gregory did not make
      > up the calendar. He simply paid the salaries of the scientists that
      > calculated the revised and superior calendar.
      > Just as King James did not personally translate the scriptures. It's
      > called the "King James venison" because heterodox King James paid the
      > salaries for the heterodox clergymen that pulled together the
      > translation.
      > Speaking of which, I find it astonishing that many of the
      > same "orthodox" bishops that refuse to use the Georgian calendar at
      > the same time allow their priests to use the heterodox King James
      > Version in the liturgy. Any calendar purely is a matter of science
      > having nothing to do with religion or the worship for God. The
      > translation for the scriptures is directly related to religion. And
      > the King James version is a mendacious piece of propaganda that
      > deliberately mistranslates the scriptures to "prove" the truth of
      > Calvinist theology. And Calvinist theology is, of course, precise
      > the exact the opposite of what Orthodox and Catholic Christians
      > believe.
      > As I say, no one ever has offered to explain to me why modern
      > Christians should continue to use an inaccurate calendar. The
      > calendar of emperor Julius never was "adopted" by any church
      > council. The Fathers simply used it because it was there. They
      > understood that the calendar is a matter of secular science about
      > which bishops know nothing. And they also understood that it simply
      > does not matter what word one uses to label the space between the
      > rising and the setting of the sun.
      > What matters is what kind of life one lives between the rising and
      > the setting of the sun.
      > I always am always willing to learn. If someone can explain why we
      > ought to use the Pagan calendar of Emperor Julius instead of the
      > Christian calendar of Pope Gregory, then please explain it to me.
      > If your explanation makes sense, I'll agree with it. And if not, not.
      > But simply to assert the superiority of the Julian calendar without
      > offering any explanation won't do. For one thing, asserting without
      > explaining is extremely and extraordinarily arrogant and thus hardly
      > a Christian way of behaving.
      > Jan Rogozinski
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