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7296Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: TELLING THE TRUTH IS DANGEROUS...

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  • janie pyle
    Jan 2, 2003
      Thank you, Margaret, for saying what so many are
      thinking. Mr. Bartlett, please just use the delete
      key when you see certain names. Don't let them
      dissuade you from returning to Orthodoxy. I hope you
      find a parish (I am in Rocor, also) where you may be
      nurtured as you travel the "royal path". I had hopes
      that some of these characters would make a resolution
      not to put their vitriol in print for the civil New
      Year but according to recent posts that doesn't appear
      to be happening. Let us remember to pray for these
      poor souls who are tares among the wheat. Delete and
      pray.... Magdalena

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