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  • Margaret Lark
    Jan 2, 2003
      Glory to God for all things!

      From: "Paul O. BARTLETT" <bartlett@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 3:49 PM

      NEED TO BE CAREFUL OF WHAT WE THROW AROUND. If this gentleman does remain
      outside the Faith, it is you and your sympathizers who will have to answer
      before God. (And probably, unfortunately, me too, for responding in this
      manner, but I have found this thread increasingly scandalous myself and now
      feel I must speak, when its fruits become so apparent.)

      | Just from a brief membership in these two mailing lists ("synod"
      | and "rocor") I am beginning to wonder if there is so much contention
      | that if God does guide me back to Orthodox Christianity then I wonder
      | where I will hang my hat. I was orginally baptized at Holy
      | Transfiguration Monastery, which then under the ROCOR but is now under
      | some other jurisdiction. All this wrangling in American Orthodoxy is
      | becoming very discouraging. Maybe I should just stay where I now am
      | (which is outside Christianity entirely).

      Dear Mr. Bartlett, don't go. Don't judge Orthodox Christianity by what you
      read on the internet. I will be happy to speak with you offlist, if you
      would like, but would urge you to join another list -- "orthodox-convert,"
      perhaps, which has over 600 members who, thanks to occasional gentle
      reminders from the moderator, keep the level of discourse at a remarkably
      civilized level. The wrangling *is* very discouraging, but I would remind
      you that the Evil One rejoices to see it, and will never cease attacking
      Christ's Church.

      For what it's worth, I have recently affiliated with ROCOR from the GOA. I
      knew about this controversy, saw it develop from its very beginnings, have
      studied the claims of the various contenders, and am comfortable with my
      decision -- for one thing, it brings me great peace, and for another, it is
      ROCOR that encourages me to struggle with my own sins, iinstead of flinging
      mud at priests and hierarchs. God alone judges their worthiness to lead His
      flock; I am nothing more than a simple sheep, and sometimes pretty black, at

      But as a sheep (and incidentally, as someone who knows rather more about
      real sheep than most people), I also know that all I have to rely on in this
      life is my Shepherd, and His under-shepherds. It was His guidance I asked
      when faced with my decision, and the way events have arranged themselves in
      my life, I have no doubt as to which is His true flock.

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      In Christ,
      Margaret Lark, sinner
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