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  • stefanvpavlenko <StefanVPavlenko@netscap
    Jan 1, 2003
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "vkozyreff
      <vladimir.kozyreff@s...>" <vladimir.kozyreff@s...> wrote:
      > Dear father Stefan, bless.
      > You write:
      > "Metropolitan Vitaly retired and a new Metropolitan was duly elected
      > and enthroned. At the present time even his own loyal clergy admit
      > that he (Metropolitan Vitaly)is under the control of Ludmilla
      > Rasnianskaya, who had during his actual reign as head of the Church
      > controlled access to him and controlled correspondence with him. She
      > also attempted to hide, cover up and diminish the extent of his
      > dementia".
      > 1. Do you remember that Vl Vitaly was forcefully taken by police (a
      > woman police officer) that went to the altar to take him by force for
      > a psychiatric examination and that the medical conclusion was that Vl
      > Vitaly was sane and able to perform his duties of first hierarch?

      Do you remember why that happened?
      Police had been called to the Synod of Bishops in NY. They had been
      told that Met. Vitaly was either unconscious on the floor or in grave
      physical danger. The police supported the Met. when he chose to go to
      Mansonville with Mrs. Rasnyanskaya. When the police were shown
      medications for various diseases including dementia which were
      prescribed by different doctors and dispensed by different pharmacies
      they feared they could be responsible for the Metropolitans future
      well being. The US Border police and Canadian police arrived at
      Mansonville. Here, not like at the Synod they were not allowed
      immediate access to the Metropolitan. The church doors were locked
      (?!) and they were delayed. This brought there response level up a
      number of degrees and they no longer remained cordial. The medical
      doctors in the hospital found Metropolitan Vitaly sane, and not a
      threat to himself or any one else, sanity and dementia are different.
      The letter from ROCiE clerics shows that they now agree that the
      Metropolitan is in some state of mental deterioration.
      > 2. Do you forget that L Rosnyanskaya was sent to Vl Vitaly by the NY
      > Synod with the mission to take control over him and to try to take
      > him back to NY under the control of the NY Synod. Is this not
      > frightful, to sin in the name of the truth? Is this not sergianism?
      It seems that it was hoped that the Metropolitan could reside at the
      Convent Novo Diveevo near NY. It was a concession to the Metropolitans
      insistence to allow Mrs. Rasnyanskaya to continue being his care
      taker, declawed and neutralized. As it turned out she took advantage
      of all parties concerned and having reunited with the Metropolitan she
      reasserted her previous devious position.

      > You write:
      > "Bishop Varnava was censured, then he was deposed by the Synod of
      > Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. Metropolitan
      > Vitaly had no individual power or privileged to reinstate Varnava".
      > The deposition of Vl Varnava cannot be taken seriously by any
      > informed orthodox, knowing that he was judged and condemned without
      > hearing, on the basis of irrelevant canons in a way that would
      > horrify any person who knows anything about canons, and knowing that
      > he was condemned a second time for sins that had already been judged
      > and pardoned.

      The Synod of Bishops, including Metropolitan Vitaly censured Bishop
      Varnava for his activities and the Synod of Bishops deposed him for
      his support of the schismatic priests and establishment of his own
      Church Authority in Europe which infringed on other bishop's diocese.
      He chose not to attend a Synod gathering that was ready to examine his
      case and there by forfeited his appeals. When a person repents of a
      sin it is understood that he rejects it forever, if he returns to that
      sin or he has reservations at the time of repentance, he most
      certainly may be judged guilty again.

      > It is obvious that the real reason for which he was "deposed" was to
      > prevent him from resisting the new path order in the ROCOR.

      There is no NEW PATH, other that the one ROCiE has invented.

      > conclusion, an orthodox who perceives things as explained above
      > cannot accept the deposition as valid and cannot be convinced by mere
      > statements to the contrary. Christians are taught to beware of false
      > prophets and false teachings and to exert their capacity to identify
      > them.

      > You attempt here to show that using fallacies can lead to the truth.
      > This is a kind of intellectual sergianism.

      Varnava was deposed. A Fact.
      Metropolitan Vitaly retired. A Fact.
      Metropolitan didn't celebrate the Liturgy. A Fact.
      Archimandrite Sergious was not properly consecrated. A Fact
      Vladimir was among those who caused trouble at Holy Trinity Monastery.
      A Fact.
      Vladimir's consecration is not valid. A Fact.

      Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
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