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  • stefanvpavlenko <StefanVPavlenko@netscap
    Dec 31, 2002
      > - vl. Vladimir is not able to say a word because Met. Vitaly is not
      > ruling
      > ("straw man" fallacy, assumed major)

      Metropolitan Vitaly's health was deteriorating for a number of years
      prior to his personal verbal and written requests to be allowed to
      retire "na pokoi". Metropolitan Vitaly retired and a new Metropolitan
      was duly elected and enthroned. At the present time even his own loyal
      clergy admit that he (Metropolitan Vitaly)is under the control of
      Ludmilla Rasnianskaya, who had during his actual reign as head of the
      Church controlled access to him and controlled correspondence with
      him. She also attempted to hide, cover up and diminish the extent of
      his dementia.

      > - vl. Varnava is a game player
      > (ad hominem + poisoning the well, prejudicial reasoning)

      Bishop Varnava was censured, then he was deposed by the Synod of
      Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. Metropolitan
      Vitaly had no individual power or privileged to reinstate Varnava.

      > - vl. Vladimir is not a bishop because he is "so called (vl.)
      > Vladimir"
      > (assumed minor, non sequitur, circular reasoning)

      Not celebrating the Divine Liturgy, but merely attending the service,
      retired "na pokoe" Metropolitan Vitaly witnesses the single handed
      consecration of archimandrite Sergious by deposed monk Varnava.
      Varnava and Archimandrite (non-bishop) Sergious then consecrate
      renegade monk Vladimir. Therefore without prejudicial reasoning,
      poisoning of the well, straw man fallacy, assumed minor, non sequitur,
      circular reasoning or ad hominem; Vladimir IS NOT a Bishop!

      Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
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