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6994Re: [orthodox-synod] Learning Russian..........

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Dec 1, 2002
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      > W/o a doubt, try the Pimsleur CDs... they are great for French and I
      > heard the Russian pronunciation and it is very good.

      A very good source for Russian pronunciation is one of the cheapest and
      most available sets of recordings: the "Living Language" series. These
      recordings were originally made years ago, so the speakers give an "old
      school" Russian that is both clear and elegant.

      The Pimsleur approach is purely "audio", at least in their recordings
      for Modern Greek. The "Living Language" tapes are all coordinated with
      printed texts, so that the eye and ear are trained at the same time.

      > Try to get any text books by Frank Miller, a Columbia professor. I
      think he
      > wrote a grammar and also a verbs or verbs of motion book. He was a
      > good prof.

      No doubt. However, materials by native speakers are usually more
      helpful, since the Russian in them is not that of a foreigner who
      learned the language, however well.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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