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6881Re: Praying with heretics – so what?

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  • goossir
    Nov 7, 2002
      Dear Elizabeth,

      Please let me correct you.
      I also live in Europe, Brussels and am very astonished about the
      information you give on travelling in Europe.
      How is it possible that you do not know that flight fares between
      European big cities are very expensive. It is cheaper sometimes to
      go to New York by plane than to go to Vienna, Stockholm, etc. You
      certainly do not find return tickets between Paris and Munich at
      USD100, even with promotion prices. They cost at least 5 times more.
      Train travel between Paris and Munich is also expensive and very
      long. You have to change at least twice. I know this perfectly
      well, as I had to organise, last year, my daughter's travel from
      France to Munich by train. The one way ticket cost approximately USD
      I am sorry for the list that we must go into travelling details in
      Europe, but it is important to show that effectively, as John
      mentioned, not only the French Clergy's summoning to Paris was at
      very short notice but also quite costly.

      With sisterly love
      Irina Pahlen

      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "boulia_1" <eledkovsky@h...> wrote:
      > Dear John,
      > To respond to only one point you made, since I am a amember of a
      > European ROCOR diocese (in good standing) and do live in Europe... :
      > --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "Reader John" <rdrjohn2000@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I am not involved in the disputes with the French clergy, I just
      > read
      > > the list about these events in Europe. I do not live in Europe
      > > (though I did live there in the early 80's for four years) and
      > > thus am not a member of any European diocese (of course neither
      > > Fr. Alexander).
      > > I make no judgment on the situation of the clergy in France, but,
      > > correct me if I am wrong, no transportation was given or offered
      > to
      > > the clergy who were summoned to the meeting with Vl. Lavr. Why
      > does
      > > Fr. Alexander avoid mentioning this important detail?
      > If you did live in Europe, you should realize it's not so important
      > a detail. To get from Paris to Munich is like getting from Boston
      > NY, only easier, because Europe is WAY ahead of the U.S.
      > (particularly, I'll submit, the southern U.S.) when it comes to
      > transportation. You can fly round trip between to the two cities
      > under $100. Or take a train if you prefer to stay on the ground.
      > Transportation is really not an issue Europe, so trying to make it
      > one seems to be, with all due respect, really grasping at straws.
      > In Christ's love,
      > Elizabeth
      > >
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