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6526Re: [orthodox-synod] Where does forgiveness figure in all of this?

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  • Kiril Bart
    Oct 1, 2002
      An idea of forgiveness is more of a personal level
      application. What good it would do for me if I would
      forget all of yours enemies for example? Matter of the
      enemies of the God would be considered in a different
      scale. An idea of total forgiveness, although very
      appealing, is not of the Orthodox value. I think it
      was St. Gregory of Nissa, who did come up with this
      opinion, but his position was denounced by the Council
      and he did accept it and reconcile with the Church.
      An idea of TF is in contradiction with judgment of
      heretics, Anathema of Orthodoxy.
      Sinful, subdeacon Kirill
      --- eliasr77 <eliasr77@...> wrote:
      > I am curious, but I haven't heard much talk about
      > the Gospel recently
      > with all of this talk about ROCOR and the MP. Our
      > Lord is seldom
      > mentioned in these long detailed posts. Is this
      > of stuff immune
      > from the Beatitudes we sing in the Divine
      > Have the sins of
      > the Moscow Patriarchate exceeded "70 x
      7," and can
      > no longer be
      > forgiven? Where does loving our enemies figure
      > our church's
      > situation? Does forgiving all by the
      > include
      > reconciliation with those who have wronged us?
      > Just a few questions, I really would like some
      > answers.
      > -elias

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