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6279Off-Topic: I Hate Windows XP

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  • Fr. Alexander Lebedeff
    Sep 3, 2002
      I have just about had it with Windows XP Professional.

      With almost thirty years experience with computers (since PDP-9 days), and
      with degrees in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis, having built
      many systems from scratch, and having worked for years as a Systems
      Programmer and a Senior Software Engineer, I feel that I have a pretty good
      understanding of how to deal with computer problems.

      But XP just floors me.

      I have never experienced an opertaing system that is more unreliable or
      difficult to recover.

      Every few weeks (or days), the cursor will just freeze on the screen in
      whatever application I happen to be in (or even on the desktop screen with
      no applications open)--and the system is totally hung. No "three-fingered
      salute" is possible. The only way to restart the system is to turn it off
      and on. No disk problems are noted.

      But, as the system begins to restart--the Windows XP Screen comes up and a
      little blue space symbol starts running across a box at the bottom of the
      screen, and then just hangs--stops dead. And every time its at a different
      time--sometimes it runs across the box five or six times--sometimes only once.

      And then you're dead in the water.

      Try to restart by selecting "Last Known Good Configuration"--same problem.

      And the worst of it is that XP has no Boot Disk capability--and, get this,
      unlike all previous recent operating systems, it cannot be restarted from
      the original Installation CD-ROM.

      You put in the Instalation CD-ROM--it asks you if you want to "repair" the

      If you reply "Yes," it proceeds to reinstall key systems files--thus
      removing all of the Systems Service Packs, Updates, and Patches you have
      installed over the previous months.

      And then it gets to the point where it is time for it to reboot--and guess
      what happens?

      The Windows Screen appears, the little blue cursor begins to run across its
      box--and the system hangs dead as a doornail.

      Try a full reinstall?

      Sure--the system installation program runs for about forty-five minutes,
      having asked you again for the CD-Key, and your network information--and
      then, after having completed the reinstall--it automatically reboots, and --

      The Windows Screen appears, the little blue cursor begins to run across its
      box--and the system hangs dead as a doornail.

      This happens twenty times in a row, until -- miracle of miracles -- for
      some unexplained reason it gets through the installation process and the
      system comes up.


      Now you have to reinstall all of your device drivers (and their updates),
      all of your applications (hope you have their CD-Keys) (and their updates),
      your entire network--and all of the Service Packs and Security Updates, if
      you can find them. . .

      A total disaster. . .

      And it happens again and again. . .

      I've reinstalled XP Professional six times now--and it has now hung again.
      I'm working from a laptop as a temporary stopgap, but my main computer is
      dead as a doornail--and when I somehow manage to fix it yet again--I know
      for a fact in a few days or weeks it will just hang again.


      Microsoft--you are killing me!

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
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