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6252Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Vladyka Alypy

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  • Fr. Anthony Nelson
    Aug 22, 2002
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      szmyte@... wrote:

      >Please forgive me for taking issue with some statements in your
      >letter, but they called to my conscience for some response.

      There is much in all of this that calls out to our consciences.

      >This is not merely an issue of like or dislike based on subjective
      >impressions. The central question revolves around the morality (and
      >legality and canonical adherence) of a clergyman's behavior. In
      >your years at the cathedral, the switch from parishioners ousting a
      >priest to a priest ousting an Archbishop must be very distressing to
      >witness, indeed.

      This is the crux of the matter. Our Vladyka has been abused - there is no
      other understanding possible. Thanks to those faithful ones who stepped in
      and gave their faithful support to our Archbishop. The disinformation
      spread about him and his condition was like a poison in the water of the
      spiritual life of this diocese and of our Russian Orthodox Church. Those
      who kept in touch with Vladyka personally or through others doing so were -
      Slava Bogu! - able to head off the attempted marginalization and even
      effective destruction of his archpastoral ministry to us who have so
      greatly benefited by it.

      If there can be something good said about this whole machination of the
      Evil One, it is that Vladyka Alypy demonstrated once again his blessed
      character by his merciful handling of the situation and those who
      perpetrated it.

      Fr. Anthony

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