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6242Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Vladyka Alypy

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Aug 22, 2002
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      Fr. Alexander Lebedeff wrote:
      > Kyra's commenst are right on the mark.

      Please note that it was Kyra who first put Vl. Alypy's letter on the
      internet, and, while she felt Vladyka was the "underdog", wrote in a
      tone suggesting support for him.
      > It seems foolish to blame Fr. Pablo Iwaszczewicz alone for the
      problems and
      > tensions at the Chicago Cathedral.

      Of course, Fr. Pablo has some important allies, some of them bishops,
      who have involved themselves directly.
      > Actually, over the past not too many years, two other young,
      > priests, also graduates of Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, have
      > their lives made miserable by the same group causing problems for Fr.
      > Pablo...

      Yes, but what "group" is that? Those supporting Vl. Alypy were not (and
      in fact, still are not), a united "group". There are, however, various
      people, some of whom have now become friends, who became concerned
      early on about what Fr. Pablo was doing.

      --and had to leave the parish because of the attacks against them and
      > their families.

      I suspect that is at least a slight exaggeration.
      > Fr. Vladimir Boikov lasted four years.

      I lasted, as you may recall, *15* years in that parish. Consequently I
      know something about the situation there...

      When I was reassigned to Milwaukee rather suddenly, I too had many
      people who were sorry to see me go; some of them seem now to make
      a "connection" between that and the case of Fr. Pablo, and to support
      him. It is interesting that Fr. Alexander, nevertheless, did not
      say "*three* other priests"--and I was 29 when I arrived in Chicago--
      except that, of course, by now he probably is aware that I disagree
      with his statements about the Chicago cathedral.

      > And Fr. Andrei Sommers lasted five--and was hounded out just after he
      > successfully organized and ran the All-Diasporan Youth Conference--a
      > significant accomplishment.

      Was he really "hounded out"--or did he simply grow weary of the general
      atmosphere in the Chicago cathedral?
      > Fr. Pablo Iwaszewicz has lasted only two years before he has faced
      the same
      > problems.

      Actually, I think he brought the problems with him when he came.
      > I pity the next young, educated, pious, and idealistic priest who
      > receive the Chicago cathedral assignment.

      And I pity the parish that Fr. Pablo goes to next, although it would be
      selfish of me only to rejoice if, in fact, he does give up his vow to
      battle Vl. Alypy to the bitter end.
      > And please note that the problems encountered by Frs. Vladimir and
      > came long before the retirement of Metropolitan Vitaly, so what
      happened to
      > him cannot at all be considered as being the underlying cause of the
      > current conflict.

      Here I of course agree with Fr. Alexander. But since Fr. Pablo was
      *also involved* in the unpleasant confrontation in Mansonville, and,
      moreover, wrote a denunciation of Bishop Michael that resulted in the
      latter's being removed from his diocese, some people do make the wrong
      connections between the two situations.

      Yet there would be no conflict at all if Fr. Pablo decided to stop it.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw

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