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  • sergerust2002
    Aug 14, 2002
      > Does anyone know if Archbishop Luka (known to the world
      > as Dr Valentin Feliksovich Voino-Iasenetskii) was included
      > in the cannonization of the New Russian Martyrs
      > by the ROCA in 1981? (The MP cannonized him in 2000).
      > Thanks. Hristofor (post 6097)

      I think I got the answer :

      Ā«It is worth noting, in relation to the literature most
      abundantly published by the MP, that they canonized such
      fantastic "startsi" as Matrionushka, Feodossia. MP canonized
      them, wrote their icons, published writings about how
      Matriona prayed for Stalin - the big mix. I happened to see
      a book on her, a painful reading. Among us, unofficially,
      this is called "soviet theology". Besides,MP canonized
      LUKA VOINO-IASENETSKII, but he was simply an heretic,
      a pantheist. He attempted to to demonstrate the spiritual
      life through the experience of the witches. He was a good
      surgeon, but no orthodox theologian. And what they've done
      in Diveyevo! What speculation all around! The prices of the
      neighboring barracks went up, as people, leaving their family,
      go and live there. Typically sectarian. And though, the MP
      clergy maintain this insane manifestationĀ»
      (Bishop Evtykhy, December 22, 1999).

      Serge Rust
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