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6150Re: Vladyka Alypy & Fr. Lebedeff's Letter

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  • szmyte
    Aug 9, 2002
      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "Margaret Lark" <skovranok@t...> wrote:

      [from Eric Szmyt's response to Fr. Alexander's letter:]
      > >"…it is necessary to understand the physical and emotional
      > >trauma that Archbishop Alypy is going through." Father continues
      > >to hint at this dubious state of mind [...etc.]

      [Margaret Lark's reaction:]
      > I didn't get this out of Father Alexander's letter at all. As I
      > understood it, the Archbishop was sawing branches off his tree when
      > he fell off the ladder and injured himself seriously. If that
      > isn't enough to cause "physical and emotional trauma," I don't know
      > what is.

      It is unacceptable reasoning to make such a statement about how
      someone else is feeling based on what we *think* that person should
      be going through.

      As for physical trauma: Please don't misunderstand what I was
      saying. Without doubt, Vladyka's fall produced an immediate
      physical effect, but there is such a process as therapy and
      recuperation. We are going on 4 months since the accident, and
      Archbishop Alypy's progress has greatly impressed doctors. Father
      Alexander's letter was written just the other day, but not having
      personally seen Vladyka since the accident, Father's comments are
      dependent on the accuracy of the information he receives, which is
      part of the root of this whole issue.

      As for emotional trauma: Who can speculate? The life of a monk is
      one of strict discipline. And for an Archbishop living the vast
      majority of his life within these spiritual guidelines and devotion
      to God, rejoicing in the life given by God, despite suffering, who
      can say how much or how long or even if there is emotional trauma
      associated with the accident? If the thinking behind "emotional
      trauma" is that Vladyka's mental faculties were effected by
      the fall, this is totally not the case and never has been. The impact
      compressed Vladyka's spine and injured one of the lower
      vertebrae. Despite the fact that Vladyka fell directly on his head,
      astonishingly there was only a surface wound with no internal injury
      to the brain. Vladyka currently continues to deliver sermons at
      Divine Liturgy (without preparing them on paper to be read as well).

      In short, it is presumptuous to speak on behalf of Vladyka with
      regard to his state of mind.

      As far as I can tell, the behavior of his subordinates is more
      frustrating to Vladyka Alypy than is his personal state as a result
      of the accident. It is sad that the Orthodox hierarchy is apparently
      so turned upside-down that priests may be in control of disseminating
      misleading information about Archbishops.

      > Pardon my asking an ignorant question, but: Why would anyone want
      > to depose the Archbishop? Outside of the obvious (worldly)
      > reasons, the only reason I can think of is some kind of
      > involvement, on *someone's* part, with the Mansonville mess?

      As for why someone would want to depose the Archbishop: Who knows?
      Why do we sin? We know it is wrong in the eyes of God, and yet we do
      so. To paraphrase what you've stated in a previous letter: we all
      fall, get up, try to do better, and yet we fall again. As for your
      postulation about the Mansonville mess, well, Father Paul Iwaszewicz
      and the attempted move of a high-ranking Synod member *are* both
      common denominators. That's not to say that proves any
      though. The fact that he was present, however, may say something
      about Father's character and zealousness for this type of

      In Christ,

      Eric (Thomas) Szmyt
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