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6141Re: [orthodox-synod] Archbishop Luka

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  • Fr. Gregory Williams
    Aug 8, 2002
      Fr. Alexander commented --

      The list of New Martyrs and Confessors and the official Icon of the New
      Martyrs and Confessors of Russia certainly contains a number of Bishops who
      were in full communion with Metropolitan Sergius.

      True enough. But that's _very_ different from the situation of Abp. Luka,
      who was a member of the synod of the MP until his death in 1961, having
      served (even though almost certainly often with much discomfort) not only
      his flock, but the apparatus of the Soviet Church from the time of its

      The clouds and confusion of the 20s and even 30s had little common ground
      with the horrors of a "Church" which after the "election" of "Patriarch"
      Alexis had become above all the tool of the Soviet government and more
      specifically the KGB.
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