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6107Archbishop Luka

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  • Hristofor
    Aug 6, 2002
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      If memory serves me correctly, Archbishop Luka was imprisoned (and probably
      suffered at the same time) before WW II. It was only during the war that he
      was released, I believe, due to the shortage of doctors needed for the war
      effort. In fact, he asked for a temporary release, and wanted to be
      returned to jail after the war was completed, in order to finish his
      sentence. It is a stretch to judge him and say that the reason he asked for
      a temporary release was to get out of jail and save himself by going to the
      front! He could have been killed during the war or have been shot upon
      return, as many soldiers and officers were, for real or imagined
      collaboration with the nazis or some other trumped up reason. This is the
      reason I asked, since he appears to have been a confessor up until WW II
      and then after the war, his life took a different course as he once again
      began to serve as a priest.

      I imagine that there are other less well-known cases of confessor-priests
      who survived the camps and (internal) exile of the 20's, 30's and 40's and
      who in no way could be accused of collaboration or Sergianism. It would be
      interesting to find out the fate of those priests: if they joined the
      catacombs, MP, or attempted to serve on their own.

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