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  • klandsberg
    Jul 31, 2002
      Dear in Christ Hristofor!
      Thank you for your concern regarding Vladika's privacy. For the sake
      of clarity, I would like to address some of your concerns:
      1. I am not from a francophone country. I am from Chicago. Perhaps
      Valentina is from a francophone country. If you look closely, you
      will see that those French words showed up in her message, not in
      2. I agree with you that the statement "This is a very valuable
      document," is a little upsetting. It did not sit well with me
      either. However, for the time being, I am giving Valentina the
      benefit of the doubt that English is not her first language, since
      she appears to be from a francophone country.
      3. I guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that Vladika Alypy wrote
      this letter. If you don't believe me, you can call Vladika and ask
      him. If you are too shy to do this, please ask your parish priest to
      do it.
      4. Regarding the prudence of posting this letter in an open forum on
      the Internet, I deliberated for a long time before doing it. The
      Internet is already being used to disseminate false information about
      Vladika's condition (not on this list, but through other means). I
      did not post the letter to give ammunition to those who would use it
      to further some unsound anti-ROCOR agenda. I posted it in the hope
      of combatting false information which is already in circulation. If
      you did not receive this false information, then you don't know what
      I am talking about. However, there are many on this list who _do_
      know what I am talking about. Furthermore, I only posted the Russian
      version of what had already been made public.
      5. Regarding the actual substance of the letter, I chose to let it
      speak for itself, rather than add my commentary. If you would like
      me to comment on it, Hristofor, please feel free to e-mail me
      privately. If you choose to do this, please identify yourself, since
      you have my first and last name, and I do not have yours.

      6. Regarding your words:
      > That being said, if Vl. Alypy is fully cognizant and did indeed pen
      > letter, then it is an issue between him, the Metropolitan, the
      > bishops and Fr Pablo. I don't think it is a matter to be tried on
      > Internet and certainly not to be collected as a "valuable document!"

      The fact that you write "if Vl. Alypy is fully cognizant" shows me
      that enough damage has already been done to his reputation to warrant
      the posting of this document. I agree with you that it is not a
      matter to be tried on the Internet. That is why I urge anyone who is
      concerned about Vladika to (1) pray for his full recovery, (2) call
      him directly, or ask your parish priest to call him if you feel it is
      not your place, and (3) send him a card letting him know that you are
      praying for him. As you can imagine, this is a time of great stress
      for him, but the prayers and well-wishes of the faithful are, I am
      sure, a great comfort.

      Please also remember our parish in your prayers, as this is a time of
      great anxiety for all of us. And if you feel that my posting this
      was a mistake, please pray that God forgive me for such an error.

      With Love in Christ,
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