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  • vkozyreff
    Jul 31, 2002
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      Dear Hristofor,

      Let us unite in Christ.

      If you allow me to say so, a document is valuable if it reflects the
      truth, even if I do not like it. A document is valuable in itself,
      not for party A or B, as there is only one truth, common to all.

      It is your right to exert your judgement and to check that the
      document is true, but your conclusions are just tentative at this
      point. I hope clearer evidence will come about.

      The only question is to know whether the document is true or not. I
      want only the truth, and I hope that it will manifest itself,
      whatever it is. We need the truth, not to condemn, but to pardon one

      Schism is never caused by the truth. The Devil is the Liar. If the
      truth is concealed, we will all suffer from this. We will all become
      less Christian and will all become even more separated from one
      another. This certainly not God's will.

      In our Church, nobody can remain indifferent to an injustice if it
      did take place. None of us may just say "it is a matter between Paul
      and Peter". If an injustice did take place, we are all responsible of
      it. We must all see to it that it is resolved. We are all in
      communion and each of us suffers spiritually from any injustices that
      is committed among us. An injustice committed by Paul to Peter is
      committed to me, to John and to you as well.

      I must confess that I am writing from a French speaking country. God
      created that land and loves it. He also loves the unworthy Russians
      that live there in exile, besieged by the Liar, as we all have been
      for some time now. Some of them have been persecuted for their faith.
      I pray God from there that He restore unity among us and hear our
      voices from the abysses in which we have fallen.

      I am sure that you will join me in this prayer. What is impossible to
      man is possible to God.

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., Hristofor <hristofor@m...> wrote:
      > At 11:44 AM 7/30/2002, you wrote:
      > >Thank you very much, Katherine, this is a very valuable document.
      > > --- Katherine Landsberg <klandsberg@y...> a ecrit : > In
      > > to the question of Valentina, I am posting the attached .pdf
      file, which
      > > is a copy of Vladika Alypy's original letter in Russian.
      > Valuable document? Why? More fodder for those who wish to cause
      more schism
      > in the ROCOR? For shame! Kak Vam ne stydno! If I recall correctly,
      > letter was not posted to the list by Vladyka Alypy, nor was it even
      > by Vladyka Alypy to someone to post to the list; it came from
      a "helpful
      > parishioner". Does anyone who contributes to the list know if
      Vladyka Alypy
      > indeed wrote the letter? The letter is strange, to say the least,
      but 2
      > things stick out as extremely bizarre:
      > 1) 'But let no one think that all this came about as if by magic!"
      > Would a clergyman (and a bishop no less) really use such a phrase
      as this?
      > Magic? Would he not say "But let no one think that all this came
      about by
      > itself!"
      > 2) "When I learned of this deceitful plot, there was nothing else I
      > do,except turn to a secular lawyer and threaten to bring a lawsuit
      > slander."
      > Threaten to bring a lawsuit for slander? As we all know, St John of
      > Shanghai and SF was much-aligned during his life. I don't recall
      > reading that he turned to a secular lawyer to defend his name!!!
      > That being said, if Vl. Alypy is fully cognizant and did indeed pen
      > letter, then it is an issue between him, the Metropolitan, the
      > bishops and Fr Pablo. I don't think it is a matter to be tried on
      > Internet and certainly not to be collected as a "valuable document!"
      > Hristofor
      > PS I could not help but notice that the poster of the Russian
      version of
      > the letter, in replying to the original request, inadvertently
      > that she was posting from a Francophone country (France? Belgium?
      > Quebec?.... Hmm, not too many ROCA parishes in those lands), since
      > e-mail program added "a écrit" in the reply (which is the
      equivalent to
      > "you wrote" when you reply to an e-mail.) I guess that answers it:
      > members of the Varnavite schism, Vl Alypy's letter would indeed be
      > valuable document....
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