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  • VJB
    Jul 18 8:53 AM
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      Is that why Patriarch appointed him to the Diocese of Nizhniy Novgorod?

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      From: Joseph Digrande
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 8:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: He Who Restraineth

      Acccording to the eyewitness of the ceremony, Arch.
      Pitirim, Sergius entered the Church 3 times on his
      knees begging for forgiveness. All three times the
      crowd in the Church begged Pat. Tikhon to :"Holy
      Vladyko, do not believe him>"
      On the third time Pat. Tikhon said,
      "The former Met. Sergius as having fallen away into
      the anti=God heresy of living-Church renovationism,
      and as having drawn many Orthodox priests, monks and
      laity into destruction, is to remain for the rest of
      his life weeping for what he has done and from now on
      cannot touch church serving, but will remain in the
      rank of a simple monk."
      And he instructed him to remain in a certain monastery
      without departing from it, in complete obedience to
      the father abbot. And before Christ and His Angels and
      the Holy Church the former Met. Sergius gave a
      promises to fulfull everything he had promised
      exactly. But alas, he immediately deceived the
      Patriarch, broke his promise to him, boldly trampled
      on the canons of the Catholic and Apostolic Church. He
      deceived everyone he could deceive, he declared that
      he had received complete forgiveness from "His
      Holiness" and began to serve. IN view fo the canons of
      the Holy Apostles, Holy Councils and Holy Fathers,
      after this he is not only considered banned but also
      completely deposed, even excommunicated...
      And this deception was successful for in those days
      that were so difficult for the Church, the voice of
      His Holiness the Pat could scarcely be heard beyond
      the Donskoy Monastery where he lived in
      Joseph digrande
      --- VJB <venceslav@...> wrote:
      > Correct me if I am wrong. I was under impression
      > that Sergius repented of Renovationism and submitted
      > his staff to Patriarch Tikhon and the Patriarch
      > personally returned him the staff acknowledging his
      > episcopacy. Let's be accurate.
      > v
      > St. Tikhon declared that in public when he
      > repented of being a Renovationist. He disobeyed
      > him
      > and continued to serve. Anything that ROCOR
      > hierarchs
      > said in the intevening years justifiying Sergius
      > and
      > his ilk is just plain wrong/ not foolish/ just
      > wrong
      > joseph digrande
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