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6017He Who Restraineth

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  • rdrjohn2000
    Jul 12, 2002
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      Very few people realize the impact on Orthodoxy of the
      murder of the last Orthodox Emperor. Here is a way to visualize the
      impact. Think of the largest country in the world. Moving from West
      to East you leave St. Petersburg with its many churches, go to Moscow
      with its hundreds of churhes, cross the Urals, go thousands of
      miles across the vast steppes, through Siberia, Yakutsk to Kamchatka
      to the Pacific Ocean (and into Alaska for Orthodoxy had spread
      there). From Arkangelsk and Murmansk in the far North and all of its
      latitudes, South to Odessa on the Black Sea thence East past the
      Caspian Sea, past the Turkik regions, past the Aral sea, past Lake
      Baikhail to Vladivostok. Where ever there were people and villages
      there existed an Orthodox church. Thousands and thousands of them.
      Each of these churches had a consecrated altar with relics of the
      saints. In each Church there was a priest, some not educated, but
      all the more pious, who gave the holy mysteries to all who asked.
      Each parish priest instructed his flock and gave sermons about
      Christian living from the amvon. The totality of this my friends is
      purity. Great purity and strength beyond what we can comprehend
      today. And this strength is so vast; millions of believers and great
      spiritual power. In this pious Orthodox land there existed hundreds
      of monasteries. In this nation all the Orthodox Christians who
      attended church prayed for the salvation of the world and for all
      other Orthodox Christians.

      This great Emperor and his father not only attended to the spiritual
      needs of Russia; they were the defenders of Orthodoxy throughout the
      world. They protected Holy Mt. Athos and built St. Pantelaimon's
      Monastery,the Prophet Elias skete, and other monasteries. The Tsar
      protected Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe by gently (and not so
      gently sometimes) reminding the heterodox that they will not allow
      Orthodox lands to be swallowed up by the corrupt Hapsburg Empire and
      other Western powers. They kept the militant and secular Turks of the
      Ottoman empire in check by letting it be clear that Holy Russia
      viewed the saving of Constantinople as a fundamental element of
      Russian foreign policy.

      They built Orthodox churches, monasteries and convents in the Holy
      Land and were the ONLY world power to defend Orthodoxy in Palastine.

      They built Orthodox churches here in America and defended the faith
      even as far from Moscow as New York, throughout all of Pennsylvania
      to Clevland and into Detroit. This was all before the Russian

      Now give this Christian emperor a faith so strong that he will look
      Satan and death in the face and not shirk or cower. That he will not
      bow down to Satan and make his pact with him, but would accept the
      pain and torture of a martyr's crown; not only for himself but for
      his family whom he loved and cherished. This was a Tsar who had all
      the riches in the world, who could have had all the Things of This
      World if only he had made his pact with the evil one. Yet he, St.
      Nicholas, was strong in his faith and the love of his country and the
      Holy Orthodox Faith. He gently accepted this great passion for
      himself and his family.

      St. Nicholas died for his people; for their sins and for the faith.
      That the pseudo church, the MP, questions whether or not this man,
      one of the greatest saints of all time, is indeed a passion bearer,
      is a testimony to their spiritual bankruptcy. After all, their
      hierarchs are only legitimate if Stalin is legitimate. Met. Sergius
      and all the MP Patriarchs received their apostolic succession from
      Lenin and Stalin. Why would they say anything else?

      Each of the thousands of Orthodox churches in Russia has been
      desecrated. Yes, some have been rebuilt. With blood money from
      murder, drug trafficing and smuggling. The churches have no doubt
      been reconsecrated by KGB agents wearing a saccos, mitre, panagia and
      great omophorion. But are these men dressed as bishops Orthodox?

      This is the impact of the murder and sacrifice of St Nicholas, The
      One Who Restraineth. Instead of great spiritual power throughout
      Russia, there is despair. There are churches that have been
      restored; some are beautiful no doubt, but their priests commemorate
      the spiritual descendents of the murderers of St. Nicholas.

      Mt. Athos has no earthly protector. There is spiritual chaos now on
      the Holy Mountain because the Orthodox champion no longer exists.

      The Holy Land has no Orthodox defender. The Orthodox holy sites are
      swallowed up by evil people.

      Orthodoxy in America is like unto the Tower of Babel with more
      jurisdictions than the Protestants.

      The One Who Restraineth is no more my friends. He suffered his
      earthly passion and now wears a martyr's crown in heaven. And that
      is why each one of us must fight the good fight, even unto
      the end, because there no one else today who restraineth Satan.

      Brothers and sisters in Christ, Let each one of us recommit ourselves
      to this spiritual fight for today there is no one who will fight for

      Holy Father, St. Nicholas, pray unto God for Us!

      In Christ,

      Rdr John
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