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6007Re: FWD: The historical position of the Church Abroad

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  • goossir
    Jul 1 2:14 PM
      Father Alexander Lebedeff wrote:

      > "In their never-sleeping prayers for one another, in their love
      for the
      > Lord Jesus, in their faithfulness to the ideal of the past and f u
      t u r e
      > [original emphasis] Orthodox Russia (Rus') the faithful
      > pastors, monks and laymen on both sides of the Iron Curtain are
      > one. Together they comprise the Holy Russian Church --
      indivisible, as is
      > indivisible the seamless shroud of Christ."
      > That was the position of the Church Abroad 28 years ago.

      Yes, and quite understandably. At that time, the Church was still
      under the oppression of Communist regime. We, the Church Abroad
      were praying for our brothers and sisters suffering for their faith,
      thinking and hoping that many who were even part of the MP, were
      under a great hardship.
      And how could we judge our brothers and sisters? How could we ask
      them to be martyrs when, we, ourselves, do not know how we would
      have acted in such dreadful conditions. We could only pray for them
      and for their freedom.
      > It is still the position of the Church Abroad today.

      Is it really?
      Since 1974, the situation changed quite a lot:
      The MP is now officially free from communist oppression, but it
      still declares that collaborating with communists, saved the
      Church. Instead of liberating themselves from this heresy by, i.e.
      regretting their weakness (which we can all understand) or repent,
      they proclaim it! As christians, we must forgive sinners but the
      sin in itself must be condemned. The MP's official position claims
      that the sin (we went with satan momentarily because we wanted to
      save the church) was a right thing to do.

      I cannot imagine for one second that our Church Abroad "together
      (with THIS MP) they comprise the Holy Russian Church -- indivisible,
      as is indivisible the seamless shroud of Christ". We are together
      with the millions of martyrs of Russia. They, and only they, saved
      the Church in Russia.
      Am I mistaken?
      or is this so difficult to understand?
      Yours in Christ
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