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6005RE: [orthodox-synod] The historical position of the Church Abroad

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  • vladimir kozyreff
    Jun 29 2:44 PM
      Dear List,

      Further research about what Metropolitan Philaret and our Church used to say
      about the MP suggests that father Alexander Lebedeff's comments might have
      to be revisited. Below is a documentation about this matter.

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff


      "Metropolitan Philaret could easily have written the following: "In addition
      to the Catacomb Church and the Russian Church Abroad, which have preserved
      the Church both in Russia and abroad, there exists a third entity calling
      itself the Russian Church, namely the Moscow Patriarchate, which is a
      creation of the Stalinist regime and is totally the void of the grace." But,
      that's not what he wrote."


      "The question might be posed to me: why I didn't mention at the Sobor that I
      felt the appeal to be inappropriate. I would reply: because I saw the
      attitude at the Sobor and I feared an explosion and a possible catastrophe.
      For I had been forewarned that the enemies of the Church wished to arrange
      such an explosion, in order to "blow up" the Sobor from within. Therefore I
      was compelled to avoid issues which might have provoked heated exchanges"
      (Letter to abbess Magdalena of Lesna).

      "What then is the Soviet church? Archimandrite Constantine has often and
      insistently stated that the most horrible thing that the God-hating regime
      has done in Russia is the creation of the Soviet Church, which the
      Bolsheviks presented to the people as the true Church, having driven the
      genuine Orthodox Church into the catacombs or into the concentration camps.

      This pseudo-church has been twice anathematized. His Holiness Patriarch
      Tikhon and the All-Russian Church Sobor anathematized the Communists and all
      their collaborators. This dread anathema has not been lifted till this day
      and remains in force, since it can be lifted only by a similar All-Russian
      Church Sobor, as the canonical supreme ecclesiastical authority. And a
      terrifying thing happened in 1927, when the head of the Church, Metropolitan
      Sergius, by his infamous and apostate Declaration, subjected the Russian
      Church to the Bolsheviks and proclaimed collaboration with them. And thus in
      a most exact sense was fulfilled the expression in the prayer at the
      beginning of Confession: having fallen under their own anathema! For in 1918
      the Church anathematized all the confederates of Communism, while in 1927
      she herself joined the camp of these collaborators and began to laud the
      red, God-having regime to laud the red beast spoken of in the Apocalypse"
      (letter to father Victor Potapov).



      "However, if one really wants to understand the true historical position of
      the Church Abroad, the most logical place to turn would be to the official
      Conciliar Epistles of the various Bishop's Sobors over the many decades of
      the existence of the Church Abroad."
      RESOLUTION OF THE ROCOR SYNOD (September 1/14, 1971)

      "... 4. All of the elections of Patriarchs in Moscow, beginning in 1943, are
      invalid on the basis of the 30th Canon of the Holy Apostles and the 3rd
      Canon of the 7th Ecumenical Council ..."


      "the positions expressed by the Sobors of the Church Abroad in 2000 and 2001
      in no way have strayed from the historical positions expressed by previous


      "the completely definitive declaration of our Synod of Bishops that the
      Moscow Synod has deprived itself of all authority, since it has entered into
      agreement with the atheists, and without offering any resistance it has
      tolerated the closing and destruction of the holy churches, and the other
      innumerable crimes of the Soviet government. That illegally formed
      organization which has entered into union with God's enemies, which
      Metropolitan Sergius calls an Orthodox Synod - but which the best Russian
      hierarchs, clergy and laymen have refused to recognize - . must not be
      recognized by our Orthodox Churches, nor by our Synod of Bishops with its
      flock here abroad.

      Furthermore, the organization of the Moscow Synod must be recognized to be
      exactly the same sort of apostates from the Faith as the ancient
      libellatici, that is, Christians who although they refused to blaspheme
      openly against Christ and offer sacrifices to the idols, nevertheless still
      received from the priests of the idols false documents verifying that they
      were in complete accord with the adherents of pagan religion."
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