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5989Re: Rename the List?

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  • joeswaydyn2000
    Jun 26, 2002
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      Fr Bless: the ROCE schism is so new that many, like myself, hope and
      pray it will be resolved. The ROCOR lost so many good people in that
      schism, and in the previous ones with ROAC and HOCNA. Yes, the
      Synod's integrity remains, but what a painful loss to all poor
      Christians who tire of such pain!

      When I was going up to Massachusetts (and ended up in HOCNA by
      default-- I will not get into that story) Fr Spyridon Schneider was
      suggested to me to contact to continue my catechumenate. Where would
      I be now? On the other hand, Fr Vladimir Shishkoff told me (after he
      joined ROAC and I had as well) to go to the Miami ROCOR parish for
      services, and that astute advice began a process, that gave me the
      courage to ask to come back to ROCOR a few months later!

      But I am no ROCE sympathizer.


      > Dear List,
      > I cannot understand how this point of view is one of loyalty to the
      Synod of
      > Bishops of the ROCOR. The clergymen in Europe were suspended by
      the Synod
      > of Bishops for disobedience and the refusal to commemorate their
      > Hierarch. Even if I did not like my Bishop, and disagreed with him
      > matters of principle, I am not at liberty to not commemorate him.
      As a
      > priest, I cannot even serve without the permission of my Hierarch.
      > effort was made by our Synod of Bishops to reach out to these
      Clergy and
      > they refused to be obedient.
      > Is this really a List for those loyal to the ROCOR, or is a List
      for ROCiE
      > partisans and sympathizers?
      > Just wondering....
      > Priest David Straut
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