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5961RE: [orthodox-synod] An Interview with Archbishop Mark

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  • vladimir kozyreff
    Jun 23 11:04 AM
      Dear List,

      In his June 5, 2002 interview to "Nezavisimaya gazeta", Vl Mark says:

      - "In the remote prospect there could be a form of coexistence, and a
      further dialogue in the form which was described already by Patriarch Aleksy

      - In one of the interviews he gave, he recognised natural, that the ROCOR
      part of the Russian Church has a life, features which were developed for 80
      years, and nobody should bury them into oblivion.

      - For example, among our parishioners there are a a lot of non-Russians. We
      thus in many respects differ from the Russian parishes.

      - Any model of a mutual recognition which gradually would pass in the form
      of an autonomy is therefore necessary".


      I cannot understand Vl Mark's concept of "mutual recognition".

      - If the MP will renounce sergianism, ecumenism etc. and convert, we will be
      all part of the Russian Church and there would be no object for any "mutual
      recognition". Our "recognition" is automatic for all that have converted,
      without any declaration of any kind, in the same way that martyrs are
      recognised as saints, automatically, without any canonisation.

      - If the MP will not renounce sergianism, ecumenism etc., then there can be
      no recognition whatsoever on our part. The Church recognises only those and
      all those who follow Christ and His teaching, and make no concession to the
      worldly powers.

      - What is the autonomy Vl Mark is talking about? Did we not receive our
      autonomy from Patriarch Tikhon? Is the MP not autonomous too (except its
      links with the KGB)?

      - Is there now no "form of coexistence"? Both the MP and the ROCOR do

      I have another proposal:

      - If the MP does convert, we will be reunited with our Russian brothers and
      sisters. We pray for it every day.

      - Both the ROCOR and the present "MP" will cease to exist and there will be
      only "the Russian Church".

      - The believers that the ROCOR will leave behind her and that have no
      particular relation to Russia (it seems that they have become many)will
      found other Churches, named after the countries in which they live. These
      Churches will eventually reunite with local "orthodox" when the latter do
      convert, if there is no real local Church already. If there is one, there
      will be no reason for them not to join them. The Russian Church will keep a
      presence abroad, for the numerous Russian (or affiliated) population
      disseminated world wide. Anybody will be welcome to pray in her churches.
      Vl Mark will probably be part of the German Orthodox Church. Our hihghest
      hierarch will be the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russias. May God allow this
      to happen!

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff
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