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  • Tim Andrews
    Jun 21, 2002
      Forgive me in my youth (I am 19) and naivety if I err, however, having
      followed the recent discussions with great interest, I feel obliged to
      humbly make a short note.

      Earlier today I was at a function with Archbishop Hillarion (Archbishop
      of Australia and NZ if you are unaware) and, being blindly ignorant of
      the facts surrounding this issue other than about the emails I have
      received, I asked him a few questions about it, and I thought I would
      share his response. Firstly, he stated that the synod has never formally
      signed an ukaze against the Serbian Orthodox Church for, while they may
      be members of the WCC, they are not as heavily involved in it as, for
      example, Constantinople, and it is permissible for our priests to
      co-celebrate with Serbian ones. Therefore, in response to the question
      "I cannot understand Vladika Mark's position
      Relative to our Church's", the answer seems to be quite straightforward,
      there is no conflict whatsoever! I would suggest that our Archbishop
      would know, and I do not believe that any of us are in the position to
      make judgments about our hierarchs, whether we are able to quote cannon
      law or not. I know that in Australia at least, we our Youth Conference
      in December will be held in conjunction with the Serbian Orthodox
      Church. We now conduct seminars and bible-study for the youth in
      conjunction with them as well.
      Archbishop Hillarion went on to say that Vladika Mark is one of the most
      respected members of Synod, and has the full support of all the
      hierarchs of the ROCA.

      My own personal opinions as to dialogue with the MP are rather simple.
      While they may be in the wrong over Serganism and ecumenicalism, I think
      that they will not come to the true path by themselves, but rather need
      a helping hand given, by us, in the form of dialogue. We must look
      forward to the future, as opposed to solely looking at the sins of the
      past, with labels such as "stalinist". This is not productive! Having
      said that, however, I would not support us rushing into dialogue
      immediately, despite my own personal beliefs, in that I fear if that
      were to take place, there is a very real likelihood of yet another
      schism occurring, and thus we must proceed with patience. Nevertheless,
      ultimately we need to strive for dialogue.

      Forgive me if I have offended,
      Timothy Andrews
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