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  • vkozyreff
    Jun 21, 2002
      Dear Irina, dear List,

      We read in the article below about Vl Mark that, :

      "Since 1994, on the initiative of Archbishop Mark, there have been
      ongoing conversations between the clergy of the German dioceses of
      ROCOR and MP. The bishops themselves led these conversations
      (from the patriarchal side was Archbishop Feofan). This has given a
      basis for making a preliminary summary in an official joint
      declaration, published in the middle of December 1997. The theme of
      the declaration was the relativity and historical conditioning of the
      division existing in the one Russian church: "People in Russia and
      abroad have conducted their church service in completely different
      circumstances and have assessed the situation differently. Hence
      diverse paths of the Russian church have appeared. It is clear that
      the authors of the declaration are simplifying the historical facts
      extremely: the line of the church division by no
      means follows state boundaries. Participants in the conversations
      declared their full recognition of the validity of one another's

      Vl Mark held those talks and made that declaration without the
      blessing of the Metropolitan, I think. I do not think the last
      statement reflects our Church's position. Please correct me if I am

      As we all remember, and as can be found in our Church new webwsite,
      however, Vl Gabriel wrote the following about Igumen Joachim had
      unapproved contacts with the MP and was subsequently excluded from
      our Church. How do we reconcile these events?

      "… Fr. Joachim made several trips to Russia, meeting with
      Metropolitan Kirill, the chairman of the M.P.'s Department of
      External Church Affairs, and later with the Patriarch himself. When
      Fr. Joachim states that he received a blessing to travel to Russia,
      this also does not correspond to the truth. …

      Fr. Joachim also mentions that he made a second trip, having received
      an invitation from Metropolitan Kirill. He knew that he would not
      have received a blessing for such a trip. Thus, referring to an
      authority which no one had ever given him, Fr. Joachim again
      travelled for an official meeting with representatives of the M.P.

      The main reason for Fr. Joachim's suspension were the trips and
      meetings he made without hierarchical blessing.

      Before Fr. Joachim left, I asked him whether he truly believed that
      now was the time to unite with all the local Orthodox Churches, when
      the majority of them continue to depart from the Truth and from
      traditional Orthodoxy. In reply to this, he said that we need to be
      in communion with everyone."

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff
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