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5932Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Interview with Vl. Mark

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  • Michael Nikitin
    Jun 18, 2002
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      It has nothing to do with being isolationalists. There would be no problem
      if the Serbian Church would get out of the heretical organization WCC. It is
      the Serbian Church that does not want to be in communion with it's brethren
      by being involved with the heretical organization WCC.
      Fr.Justin Popovich a much revered Father of the Serbian Church called the
      WCC a prostitute.
      No one cares that the Church is in the heretical organization?


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      Our Church, since the reprehensible NATO "intervention" (i.e. act of
      War) in Kosovo, has been praying for the suffering Orthodox people of
      Serbia, where a favorite torture of (Islamic) terrorist Albanians has
      been to cut off the thumb and first two fingers of their Serb victims,
      so that they cannot proerly form their hands to cross themselves!

      Vladyka Antony (Medvedev)of blessed memory was similarly and just as
      ignorantly criticised for allowing a Serb bishop to serve in the SF
      cathedral several years back.

      Let us not forget, as he then noted from the Ambo, the important and
      salvationary role the Serb church played in protecting their Orthodox
      brethren fleeing the red terror. Indeed, many of our most esteemed
      hierarchs were educated in Belgrade (INCLUDING St. John of

      To make a gross generalization, Serbs may not all be the most pious of
      people, but, again, they are our Orthodox brethren and among the
      closest of all, historically, to ROCOR. I cannot understand this
      desire to be so isolationist, or this hunger to find fault.

      "And why beholdest thou the splinter that is in thy brother's eye, but
      perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?... Thou hypocrite,
      cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see
      clearly to pull out the splinter that is in thy brother's eye."

      In Christ's love,

      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "vladimir kozyreff"
      <vladimir.kozyreff@s...> wrote:
      > I am glad to see that all those who speak about Vl Mark describe a
      > knowledgeable and respected person.
      > I do not have the honour of knowing him, but I insist that he looks
      > atypical. Below is one more apparent contradiction about his
      > In the "Bulletin" of the German Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church
      Abroad of
      > February, 2001, an article entitled " Visit to Serbia " describes a
      > visit of Serbia by Vl Mark, from February, 4/17 till February, 8/21.
      > report tells about his visiting a few monasteries in which he
      > with Serbian priests.
      > The Serbian orthodox church is a member of the World Council of
      > The ecumenical movement was anathematised by our church in1983. How
      can we
      > reconcliate the anathema of our Church with Vl Mark's communion with
      > Serbian Church? Again, I cannot understand Vl Mark's position
      relative to
      > our Church's.
      > Do we not expect bishops to act, think and teach following the line
      of the
      > Church? Is this co-celebration not a clear disobedience to the
      > committed in difficult times by a bishop that incidently teaches
      > to his flock? Does this not add to the confusion of an already
      confuse time?
      > Is he anathema for communed with an anatematised movement? Or not?
      If not,
      > why? Is this a acceptable question to put?
      > Please explain this to me. I am puzzled. In the meantime, 12 priests
      > Western Europe were suspended for "disobeying", without having been
      heard by
      > the Synod and without any explanation to the believers, except that
      they did
      > not obey.
      > In Christ,
      > Vladimir Kozyreff

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