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5919Re: Interview with Vl. Mark

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  • joeswaydyn2000
    Jun 17, 2002
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      Forgive me, I agree with you a great deal on the MP, et cetera, but
      here I have to disagree. Vl Mark is not the sole participant in
      communion with the Serbs-- the Synod in general acknowledges such
      communion, and in the documents following the 2000 Sobor, they
      clearly state why. Nor is this something underhanded as people
      claim; when I was first a catechumen in 1998, this concelebration was
      something I knew about, when I asked who we were in communion

      To boot, the 12 priests in question *were* disobeying, since a new
      Bishop had been chosen by the Synod. Whether the Bishop himself was
      doing wrong is another matter-- but I wouldn't put the
      word 'disobedience' in quotes.

      Are the Serbs ecumenist? I don't know. I am not inclined to think
      so, however. Not with the 'proof' I have been given.


      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "vladimir kozyreff"
      <vladimir.kozyreff@s...> wrote:
      > I am glad to see that all those who speak about Vl Mark describe a
      > knowledgeable and respected person.
      > I do not have the honour of knowing him, but I insist that he looks
      > atypical. Below is one more apparent contradiction about his
      > In the "Bulletin" of the German Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church
      Abroad of
      > February, 2001, an article entitled " Visit to Serbia " describes a
      > visit of Serbia by Vl Mark, from February, 4/17 till February,
      8/21. The
      > report tells about his visiting a few monasteries in which he co-
      > with Serbian priests.
      > The Serbian orthodox church is a member of the World Council of
      > The ecumenical movement was anathematised by our church in1983. How
      can we
      > reconcliate the anathema of our Church with Vl Mark's communion
      with the
      > Serbian Church? Again, I cannot understand Vl Mark's position
      relative to
      > our Church's.
      > Do we not expect bishops to act, think and teach following the line
      of the
      > Church? Is this co-celebration not a clear disobedience to the
      > committed in difficult times by a bishop that incidently teaches
      > to his flock? Does this not add to the confusion of an already
      confuse time?
      > Is he anathema for communed with an anatematised movement? Or not?
      If not,
      > why? Is this a acceptable question to put?
      > Please explain this to me. I am puzzled. In the meantime, 12
      priests from
      > Western Europe were suspended for "disobeying", without having been
      heard by
      > the Synod and without any explanation to the believers, except that
      they did
      > not obey.
      > In Christ,
      > Vladimir Kozyreff
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