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5914RE: [orthodox-synod] Re: Interview with Vl. Mark

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  • vladimir kozyreff
    Jun 17, 2002
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      I am glad to see that all those who speak about Vl Mark describe a very
      knowledgeable and respected person.

      I do not have the honour of knowing him, but I insist that he looks
      atypical. Below is one more apparent contradiction about his position.

      In the "Bulletin" of the German Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad of
      February, 2001, an article entitled " Visit to Serbia " describes a four-day
      visit of Serbia by Vl Mark, from February, 4/17 till February, 8/21. The
      report tells about his visiting a few monasteries in which he co-celebrated
      with Serbian priests.

      The Serbian orthodox church is a member of the World Council of Churches.
      The ecumenical movement was anathematised by our church in1983. How can we
      reconcliate the anathema of our Church with Vl Mark's communion with the
      Serbian Church? Again, I cannot understand Vl Mark's position relative to
      our Church's.

      Do we not expect bishops to act, think and teach following the line of the
      Church? Is this co-celebration not a clear disobedience to the Church,
      committed in difficult times by a bishop that incidently teaches obedience
      to his flock? Does this not add to the confusion of an already confuse time?
      Is he anathema for communed with an anatematised movement? Or not? If not,
      why? Is this a acceptable question to put?

      Please explain this to me. I am puzzled. In the meantime, 12 priests from
      Western Europe were suspended for "disobeying", without having been heard by
      the Synod and without any explanation to the believers, except that they did
      not obey.

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff
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