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  • Joachim Wertz
    Jun 14, 2002
      Dear Irina,

      First of all, I personally did not suggest that you call or write Vl. Mark.
      However I do believe that his phone number is 49-089-834-8959 and his email
      is hiobmon@..., at least that is the latest information I have access

      According to the interview published in "Kontinent" (no. 98 [4], 1998) pp.
      284-286, Vl. Mark's spiritual father at the Skete of the Prophet Elias on
      the Holy Mountain gave him an obedience to study theology. Now bearing in
      mind that Vl. Mark already possessed a doctorate and was well versed in
      Patristics , Russian Orthodox spirituality, as well as having spent
      considerable time on Mt. Athos, it can be implied from the context that it
      was meant that he study what we would call theology at GRADUATE level.
      Jordanville is a SEMINARY, not an ecclesiastical academy or theological
      faculty. It's main purpose is to train priests and give them the basics of
      theology, liturgics, Church music, pastoral care, apologetics, etc. Many of
      its students have traditionally entered the seminary lacking the equivalent
      of a college degree (US). This is not a criticism, but a statement of the
      situation. The Jordanville seminary serves its defined purpose well. But I
      am drifting from my point. It should be mentioned that Vl. Mark applied to
      the Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy located at the Trinity-St. Sergius
      Monastery, to be admitted as a CORRESPONDENCE STUDENT (just for the record).
      AFTER obtaining his theological education in Belgrade, Bp. Pavel suggested
      to Vl. Mark that he go to Jordanville since the Bishop thought that Vl.
      Mark's knowledge and talents would be useful at the seminary. I do not know
      why this did not come to fruition. So you see that Vl. Mark went to America
      to look into a possible position at Jordanville, not to be a student. Upon
      his return from America, Vl. Mark told Bp. Pavel that what he wanted was to
      serve in the German Diocese.

      I do not have any clear knowledge of the events in the European dioceses you
      mention and will not comment on them.

      In the email you sent to me personally, you mention that Mr. V. Kozyreff was
      called a "fundamentalist". I did not so call him.

      Let me say that I know Vl. Mark personally, having met him in NY shortly
      after his consecration and later I was a pilgrim at his monastery in Munich.
      I spoke with him briefly by telephone when he was in NY in the mid-90's.
      That was the last contact I had with him. I respect him highly.

      In Christ,

      Joachim Wertz

      From: "goossir" <irene.goossens@...>
      To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: Interview with Vl. Mark
      Date: Fri, Jun 14, 2002, 5:07 AM

      Dear Elizabeth,

      As you can see I have made public my little note. I sent it also
      privately to each participant in this discussion just because some of
      my letters, posted previously on this topic to the official chat site
      were never published - it seems some censorship was working. So this
      time I wanted to make sure that it attained its correspondents - and
      it worked.

      I do thank you for your openness to dialogue. It is only by
      exchanging our views clearly that perhaps we will get out of this
      hole in which our Church is for the moment and force people who do
      not want to hear and see to finally open their ears and eyes.
      Vladimir K. already answered many of your remarks so I will not go
      back to them as, personally, I fully agree with his approach.

      Regarding Vl. Mark, Joaquim Wertz said that we can call him or write
      to him - good idea but I do not have his phone number or address - so
      perhaps he could provide it.

      Still, something is puzzling me. The Monastery of the Trinity St
      Sergius in Russia was in those days (and still is) totally part of
      the MP who was totally subdued to the Communist regime. So how can
      someone following our path envisage that their curriculum is better
      than Jordanville in the matter of spirituality?? Even if the quality
      of the general subjects in Jordanville were not taught top grade, a
      faithful person will not go to people who made a pact with satan
      (which is actually what communism is, like it or not). I guess Vl
      Mark will have difficulties explaining this to me!

      Vl Mark is also quite silent about the several appeals made by the 10
      priests (12 at the time) of the European dioceses and their request
      of an ecclesiastical judgment, already back in 1999, and that no
      answer EVER came from the Synod. He just waves them away as a bunch
      of "extremists" deserving their suspension made after a quick and
      grotesque judgment defying any ecclesiastic rules. And what about
      the events in Mansonville??? Can any Christian approve sincerely
      what happened there? Is this the way churchmen should behave?
      I know, Dear Elizabeth, that you cannot answer these questions -
      neither do I, but they were put hundred times to bishops, priests in
      the Synod and they were never really answered up to now.

      Many reply: who are we to demand from our bishops? We should obey
      and pray - and that is all. Personally I think it is erroneous as
      Christ asked us to judge. When someone asked him: How shall we
      recognise where is the true Church, he answered: You will judge them
      by their fruits. (I quote more or less out of memory).
      Blind obedience could be very dangerous. This is what we
      call "papist"

      In Christ,
      Irina Goossens

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