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  • vladimir kozyreff
    Jun 12, 2002
      Dear Joachim, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I have more questions: when a bishop gives such an interview, does he
      express the meaning of the Church or his own?

      If he does not express the meaning of the Church, has he the right to do so
      and should he not make clear whom he represents?

      Is it the understanding of our Church that the MP is really the Church of
      Russia? In spite of having been founded by Stalin with the purpose of
      eradicating the real Church and having performed that mission with a certain

      If there are "stalinist" elements in the MP, is Patriarch Alexis II not the
      most stalinist of them all? Was it then well advised to have so frequent
      contacts with him? Especially against the opinion of the Metropolitan?

      Will our Church really seek legitimacy from an "autocephaly" obtained from
      the MP, as Friest Potapov once suggested, thus renouncing the legitimacy she
      once received from Partiarch Tikhon?

      Will our Church abandon all intention she may have had and all mission she
      may have received to return to Russia to be fully the legitimate Church in
      Russia again?

      What will the difference be with the OCA? Especially if our Church is bound
      to loose its Russian character and to receive its autocephaly from the MP,
      in spite of the latter considering the Latino-catholics as a "Sister Church"
      and continuing to proclaim that collaborating with Stalin, excommunicating
      the Martyrs (to re-instate them afterwards) and failing in those days to
      confess Christ before men is what saved the Church?

      Is the Synod of our Church totally free of contradictions? Did it not state
      first that it disapproved Vl Michael's failed attempt to take Vl Vitaly back
      to NY? Did it not later fail to issue any apology to Vl Vitaly? Why did it
      not even officially distance itself from the violence that took place and
      did it then promote Vl Michael after all as though nothing had happened? Is
      this an extremist question on my behalf?

      If the Synod did consider the complaint filed against Vl Ambrosius as
      futile, why did it not fulfil its guidance duty by explaining this to the

      Please, brothers and sisters in Christs, do not insult me but be so kind as
      to explain to me if you will be so kind.

      May God have mercy!

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

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      De : Joachim Wertz [mailto:wertz@...]
      Envoye : mercredi 12 juin 2002 2:26
      A : orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
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      Objet : Re: [orthodox-synod] An Interview with Archbishop Mark

      Dear Vladimir,


      Most if not all of your questions are answered in an interview given by Vl.
      Mark to Evgeniy Vereshagin that appeared in the journal "Kontinent", No. 98
      (4) 1998, pp. 280-308, in Russian. Somehow I think you may be able to read
      Russian. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in Vl. Mark and his
      views read this article.

      I do not know what the "NTS movement" is/was. Could you elaborate?

      One simple thing I can clarify for you from the article is that Vl. Mark's
      family left East Germany when he was in his younger years. As to your other
      questions, I do not have the time, at present to translate from the article.
      But I do highly suggest that you find and read it.

      I would offer to send you a photocopy of the article, but mine is not of the
      best quality and I think it would be illegible in parts if I were to copy it
      again. Are you in Belgium? Maybe you can obtain it through what we here call
      "inter-library loan", or perhaps at a university library.

      Another suggestion: If you can read German, take a look at Abp. Mark's
      remarks in the article "Orthodoxe Tagung --Fortsetzung: Einheit--auf
      dogmatischer, aber nicht administrativer Ebene!"
      "Der Bote der deutschen Dioezese der Russischen Orthodoxen Kirche im
      Ausland", No. 2, 1996, pp. 10-15.

      In Christ,

      Joachim Wertz

      From: "vkozyreff" <vladimir.kozyreff@...>
      To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] An Interview with Archbishop Mark
      Date: Tue, Jun 11, 2002, 3:32 PM

      This refers to:

      An Interview with Archbishop Mark by Mark Smirov.

      Regarding this interview, here are a few things which are not clear
      to me:

      Why, as Vl Mark converted to orthodoxy in our Church, did he apply to
      become a monk in Mt Athos? Why did he apply to follow courses of
      theology in The Trinity St Sergius monastery, instead of studying in
      the Jordanville Trinity Monastery? Why did he not refer to his bishop
      for this matter? If he did, why would his bishop have send him there?

      Was Vl Mark not a mmber of the NTS movement? Why does he not allude
      to this in the interview?

      Being a citizen of Eastern Germany in 1969, how come he became a
      student in Heidelberg? In those days, East German students in general
      could not so easily get the blessing of the Stasi to study theology
      in Heidelberg.

      I am puzzled. Can anybody help me?

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

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