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5783Martyrs of Alapaevsk -anyone can help?

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  • vladimirpaley
    Apr 8, 2002
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      May the Lord be with you all,

      I'm working on a project cornening what could be, if I am lucky, a
      biography of Prince Vladimir Pavlovitch Paley (1897-1918), a talented
      poet and artist who was also a faithful Orthodox Christian. He was
      murdered in an atrocious way by the bolsheviks in Alapaevsk on July
      18, 1918, along with Grand Princess Elisabeta Fiodorovna, several
      members of the Romanov Family, Sister Varvara Yakovleva and Fyodor

      Recently I read that the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad canonized all
      of the victims of this massacre as Martyrs, back in 1981. Since this
      aspect would be an important element to mention in my work, I would
      be really grateful for any information that you could provide me with
      about it, specially if there is a decree or resolution of the Church
      on this respect whose text may be available.

      My address is vladimirpaley@...

      I would also thank for any information that you may have about the
      life and works of Prince Paley. In case anybody is interested, there
      is a page about him (in Russian). The link is

      Glory be to God for all things!

      Thank you very much,

      Jorge Francisco