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  • frpeterjackson
    Apr 8, 2002
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      > I repeat my question that I posed to Presybter Peter Jackson:
      > Is there a meaningful distincition between:
      > (a) a church that tolerates someone (even a bishop) that holds such
      > ecumenistic beliefs, and
      > (b) a church that tolerates to commune with (a).
      > Still waiting...
      > Polychronios

      Thank you for repeating your question, or rather for rephrasing it. I
      did not understand what you were asking the first time. In fact, I'm
      still not sure I do, but I'll try to address it, anyway.

      I do not know if the Patriarch of C'ple would agree with the view and
      goal of my former bishop as he expressed them to me. I have never
      seen any EP document explicitly stating anything about uniting with
      other monotheistic religions. The Holy Canons instruct us to separate
      ourselves from a bishop who teaches heresy. They do not say anything
      about remaining under a heretical bishop if the other bishops of his
      synod do not make similar statements. So for me, whether or not the
      EP expressly teaches teaches such a thing is only a secondary
      consideration. I was under a bishop who preached heresy and I had to
      separate myself from him. The only way I could do this and still
      remain in the EP would have been by moving off of the continent of
      South America! The other option was to put myself under the spiritual
      direction of a traditionalist synod, which I did.

      ROCA is in full, eucharistic communion with Serbia and Jerusalem, as
      has been thoroughly discussed recently. And both of these Churches
      have hierarchs who participate in ecumenical activities, if I am not
      mistaken. However, I don't think any of them would advocate uniting
      with other monotheistic faiths.

      Does this answer your question? Forgive me if I don't understand what
      you're getting at.

      In Christ,

      Fr. Peter Jackson
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