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5776Re: Who we're in communion with

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  • polychrony
    Apr 5, 2002
      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "mwoerl" <mwoerl@y...> wrote:
      > --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "polychrony" <UPB_MONIODIS@O...> wrote:
      > > Also, the allegation of "uniting with all montheistic religions"
      > > is so bizzare, one cannot help but be skeptical.
      > You really think so? Look at some of the Roman Catholic statements
      > on Judaism, and some of the pronouncements of the Patriarchate of
      > Alexandria concerning the Mohammedans! Why wouldn't they, anyway?
      > You wouldn't want ecumenism to be "exclusive," and allow only
      > Christians, would you? With the state of things ecumenical as of
      > late, I don't find this to be bizarre in the least!
      > Michael Woerl

      I remain skeptical. The Patr of Alexandria case is an example of
      someone who has buckled underneath the particular circumstances.
      He's dead -- the Patr of Alexandria has moved on.

      I repeat my question that I posed to Presybter Peter Jackson:

      Is there a meaningful distincition between:

      (a) a church that tolerates someone (even a bishop) that holds such
      ecumenistic beliefs, and

      (b) a church that tolerates to commune with (a).

      Still waiting...

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