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5764Letter to pope.

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  • Hristofor
    Apr 1, 2002
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      Hmm. In his sermon on the Triumph of Orthodoxy, our ROCA parish priest told
      us that we had to pray for our enemies. I assumed that to include both
      Orthodox and heterodox.

      What sin did the Patriarch possibly commit by sending a harmless Paschal
      Greeting to the Pope of Rome? After all that Rome has done to both the
      Russian Orthodox Church and the Church as a whole, it would seem that a
      greeting sent by the Patriarch would be an act of humility. (Of course, if
      he has some ulterior motives, it would then be hypocritical, though we are
      not privy to the Patriarch's thoughts...)


      At 06:34 PM 3/31/2002, you wrote:
      >Here is a letter to pope of Rome from Mr. Ridiger.
      > Subdeacon Kirill
      >P.S. Sorry for clumsy translation, didn't have much
      >time to play with. If anyone is interested to make a
      >better translation and publish it on a list here is a
      >link to the original site:
      >The patriarch Moscow and all Russia Alexii II has
      >directed to Pope John Paul II congratulations on a
      >holiday of Easter. " Christ is Risen! " - with such
      >words the primate Russian Orthodox Church has
      >addressed to Pope John Paul II in the message which
      >was transferred to "Interfax". " Over the reverential
      >trembling and exulting praying before a secret of
      >Revival is triumphed nowadays by Church of Christ the
      >Sacred Easter ", - is spoken in the telegram of the
      >Patriarch. " Death! Where your sting? A hell! Where
      >your victory? " - the Allmighty God has reminded
      >Alexii II words of prophet Osia, having expressed
      >hope, that, according to apostle Paul, " resurrect us
      >by Thou Power"." These joyful days, with love and
      >easter kiss congratulating you, - writes, addressing
      >to to Pope, the Patriarch, - from the bottom of the
      >heart always I wish you to be pleased, incessantly to
      >pray, for all to thank and invariable to stay in
      >unfading light of Revival of Christ. Yes will keep and
      >God will strengthen you, increasing greatly your
      >forces, on much and good summers(years)! "
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