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5761Re: Who we're in communion with

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  • polychrony
    Apr 1, 2002
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      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "frpeterjackson" <frpeterjackson@y...>


      > In the past two years I have seen people leave ROCA, not because of
      > any accusation of heresy, but because of rumors. And not rumors
      > about what ROCA may have done wrong, but because of what ROCA
      > *might* do in the future.

      The rumor, as you point out, is that the ROCA will unite with the
      Orthodox ecumenists (i.e., Moscow Patriarcate).


      > I was originally under a bishop who actually
      > preached heresy. When I questioned him about his involvement in the
      > ecumenical movement he told me that not only did he (and the EP)
      > intend to united with Rome and the Monophysites, but
      > eventually "with all monotheistic religions". (I kept his letter to
      > show skeptics who downplay the danger of ecumenism.)

      In seems that in the first instance, it is the allegation of uniting
      with the ecumenist. In the second instance, it is allegation of
      uniting with the objects of ecumenism. Is this a meaningful

      Also, the allegation of "uniting with all montheistic religions" is
      so bizzare, one cannot help but be skeptical.

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