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5698Re: [orthodox-rocor] Mansonville Synod.......help!

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  • OrthodoxTruth
    Feb 28, 2002
      > Im sad to see that the Mansonville crowd has taken our
      > church in Chile along with the orfanage. I am
      > certainly shocked to see some of the other parishes
      > that have went along. I hope that ROCOR will
      > institute legal action in order to dispute these
      > claims. Nikolai

      The Chile church and convent too??

      What is going on?? To make all these people leave. What is happening.. It
      makes me wonder. I am really confused and really upset.. So many churches
      leaving, churches I love and admire. Abbess Evgenia from the Vladimir
      Convent, which I visited last year before they moved to Moss Beach.. They
      are now with the ROCiE..???

      I am really struggling with this.. Can someone please help me. This is
      really bothering me and really upsetting me.. I hate schism.. For those of
      you who cant see my face, I am really upset, in a depressed and sad way.

      This is a VERY bad situation, I think, the Synod should stop its legal
      action and try at any cost to heal this schism. Because its tearing our
      church apart, and we will lose many many faithful who are getting sick and
      tired of all this ( !&*# ) !!! And we are going to more, unless the
      Metropolitan himself does something about this, the best way to talk to
      someone is to treat them with love and respect, all this continuous name
      calling is doing no good what-so-ever. and its really bothering people like
      me, who are victims and simply caught in the middle. This is not the
      Orthodox Church I read about from the saints and from the holy hierarchs,
      and quite honestly have experienced very little.. This type of thing can
      seriously affect someone's faith in others and in his church.

      Maybe I am not a good enough person, maybe I am weak. I am too low on the
      totem pole to make any kind of a difference. I just don't know what to do..
      And I am not the only one.

      Someone should tell the people who are high and mighty and way up, on the
      power scale, to make a difference. that this is really hurting us, and we
      lay folks are caught in the middle, we are innocent in all this, just stop
      all ready, you are playing "tug of war" with our hearts and our souls, and
      we cant take it anymore.. !!!!!!

      Forgive me, but I don't know what to think anymore. I really need help with

      I mean Abbess Juliana, Abbess Evgenia, and someone told me that even the
      Lesna Convent in France is also considering leaving, if they have not done
      so already, I really hope that's not true..

      It just really hurts..... :o(

      I just.... I just, cant type anymore... I'm sorry.

      I don't know.
      a terrible sinner.

      P.S. I am sorry if anyone takes this the wrong way, email is so hard to
      convey emotion and to speak your heart, so please forgive me if I offend
      anyone, I truly don't mean to.
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