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  • catherine elaine sullivan
    Feb 6, 2002
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      Vladimir- I don't suppose anyone DOESN'T want unity. However, what many of us
      DON'T want is unity at any price. During WW II, many Germans wanted so badly
      to remain loyal Germans- in fact one of the Nazi themes was the UNITY of all
      Germans everywhere. Because of this, many of them made great moral
      compromises, which they have had to answer to God for. We just don't want that
      to happen to us in the name of unity- that we have to compromise our faith for
      it. I really do not feel, for example,that Roman Catholics will ever give up
      their Pope just in order to unite with us, not do I think he would settle for
      simply being the "bishop of Rome, first among equals." I am afraid it would
      ultimately be the Orthodox who would make the compromises. If we are the Truth
      and we wish to unite with others,then it can only be by means of their
      accepting the Truth of Orthodoxy. Any less,and we are nolonger the Orthodox
      Church- we are something else.


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