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5596Re: [orthodox-synod] The lowly Rocor website

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  • catherine elaine sullivan
    Feb 1, 2002
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      In fairness, I just must comment that at ONE time, the OCA website had
      virtually nothing in it but a list of parish names (which is easily available
      elsewhere), and the ROCOR one was wonderful! So, I think it just depends on
      WHEN you look as to how good certain websites are. This is a somewhat new
      technology you know, and many clergy I know aren;t really into the
      technological era yet. My priest doesn't know even how to turn on a computer,
      and won't allow a website as he can't build it (and maintain it) himself, and
      doesn't want anyone else to do it either (we might spread heresy or rebellion,
      or something, you know)!


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