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5595Re: [orthodox-synod] The lowly Rocor website

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  • morechoff@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2002
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      In a message dated 1/31/02 12:26:16 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      antiquariu@... writes:


      Hey, the ROCIE website is under construction. At this point in time it is
      planed out much better than ROCOR. It may not have all the info yet, but I
      am sure it will at some point in time. The point is that it is more
      "clickable" and more visually appealing that the ROCOR webste. Any website
      is a reflection of the individual (or company) and therefore it is important
      that they be presented professionaly. A website is "advertising" and the
      ROCOR website just does not cut it.

      The OCA website is a million times better as is the MP website. It is a
      shame that ROCOR does not invest anything in the website. I am sure there
      are many people including priests that have the skills to design a super
      website. As I said the German ROCOR website is much better than the US
      version and could be used as a base. Someone mentioned that the Australian
      ROCOR website is good as well. There are numerous ROCOR church websites that
      are good as well.

      We should use the ROCOR website to promote Orthodoxy. Promote ROCOR. The
      public relations department of ROCOR is none existant. ROCOR news would be
      nice. Which parishes are doing what and when. Would it not be nice to have
      Services offered through the Internet? Technology is great and should be
      used to promote...

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