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5402Re: [orthodox-synod] Communique from the Chancery of the Synod 11/23

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  • Matthew Williams
    Nov 25, 2001
      On Sunday, November 25, 2001, at 12:28 AM, kyracash@... wrote:

      > Out of all the terrible events occuring I still do not understand why
      > Bishop
      > Gabriel said we can't serve molebens for Metropolitan Vitaly.  This is not
      > love.  [ _ ]

      I'm not sure what statement of Bishop Gabriel you are making reference to,
      unless it is the following (dated Oct. 16/29 2001):

      "[...] (After this communique was written, new information was received
      which confirms the bishops' worst fears. In consequence of this the
      Council of Bishops has been forced to revoke the commemoration of the name
      of Metropolitan Vitaly at the divine services.) [...]"

      This does *not* mean that we cannot serve molebens... the commemoration Bp.
      Gabriel speaks of is the "official" commemorations of the Church's
      hierarchy. It was originally intended that Vladyka Vitaly's name would
      have been commemorated at the petition "For the Orthodox Episcopate of the
      Russian Church..." together with that of Vladyka Laurus.

      In Christ,
      Matthew Williams
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