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5366RE: [orthodox-synod] Simple Solution:

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  • Valentina Grigorieva
    Nov 1, 2001
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      --- "Ledkovsky, Nina" <nina_ledkovsky@...>
      a écrit : > Kato,
      > -nina
      > PS. Do you understand the fact that if not for the
      > Serbian Church - we would
      > not even exist. The Serbian Church SAVED us.
      Dear Nina, these words seem a bit extreme and too much
      personal of an assertion : of course the Serbian
      Church helped us, gave asylum to thousands of families
      and clergy, supported our Church, but did not SAVE us.
      Our Lord saves only.
      If not for the Serbian Church, GOD only knows what
      would have happened to us. The rest is assumptions.
      In 1943, the USSR recognized the government of Tito,
      and at the end of WW II, the Serbian Church recognized
      the authority of the Russian Patriarch Serge (you can
      imagine under what pressure) but did not cut their
      links with our Church. That same Serbian Church who is
      participating to the ecumenist heresy via the
      Ecumenical Council of Churches, side by side with
      Moscow Patriarchate.
      Better to remain close to facts than to build
      assumptions fitting with the current stream.
      Valentina by the streams of Med. Sea.

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