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5363RE: [orthodox-synod] Simple Solution:

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  • Ledkovsky, Nina
    Nov 1, 2001
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      When you are ordained as a bishop it will be OK for you to make decisions
      about what the bishops "need" to do (decisions that are only the SOBOR can
      make as called for in the Canons).

      You are naturally entitled to your opinion but please try to understand that
      you do not know everything and cannot understand everything that goes on in
      the Synod of Bishops.

      I have said it again and again. TRUST OUR BISHOPS and more importantly -
      PRAY for them and for us all. THAT is the best thing you can do. When you
      are ordained then you can give your opinions about what must be done.

      PS. Do you understand the fact that if not for the Serbian Church - we would
      not even exist. The Serbian Church SAVED us.

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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Simple Solution:

      I have emailed a few people from the ROCOR authorities.

      First of all, I want to state, I'm a full pledged member of our True
      Church, the ROCA-ROCOR Church. And if I have to accept the new
      ordination of Metroploitan Laurus (lavra), I have. I understand that
      he's been a nice person, and I always enjoyed to speak to him in the
      past visits, both in Jordanville, Nyack, and even in Moscow Russia.

      While trying to calm down, and understand that there are two sides of
      every story, with some new stems, I have noticed that there really is
      a simple solution.

      Today, the bishops of our faithful church, need to come out with a
      statement, stating:

      "WE the ROCA Bishops, and the clergy have no interest in having any
      dialogue, not now, not tomorrow, or in the very near future with the

      Then, the next step would be to correct all the clergy and Bishops
      who have stated that we need to unite with the MP, or that we are in
      close ties or in close dialogue, and that it is a matter of time that
      our churches will unite. Anyone who has mentioned such terms or
      facts, should be either warned or corrected, or evicted.

      We have heard about this fact, that:

      "we are not RUSHING into any dialogue with the MP today".... To which
      I respond, water can seem to be quite rushing in the beginning, but
      eventually it calms down, and either dries up or creates new routes.

      I like how one person put it... "I don't think we should become a
      pink church". I actually like the context...

      There is no way our church should have any dialogue whatso ever with
      the MP. Maybe with the serbs, or perhaps other jurisdictions, but not
      the MP. "Why?"

      I haven't seen any ROCA members from the bishops to the clergy who
      have been out in Russia for more than a given period of time. None of
      them have come out and witness what the MP really is.

      For those who did come out, it was a simple 1-7 day tour of Russia,
      and see how Cupola are shining once again, and priests are walking
      with their podrasniki on.

      If there is a need for a dialogue, then, the MP should have taken
      their approach to our Church in the first place, and for given

      -Hebron and or Jerricho. One after another, there was no dialogue,
      only force of a soviet entity.

      The re-canonization of the new martyrs, is like a slap on our faces,
      the fact that the MP does not recognize us.

      And what do our bishops think, dialogue? or the clergy?

      Yes Fr Victor Potapov has been out to Russia several times, in
      defense of our Church.

      yes, Bishop then Laurus, has been to Russia 2-4 times a year, and has
      been involved in bldg a new podvoriye outside of Moscow.

      If in fact they have been having some dialogue with the MP, then, I
      really don't know if it was official or not, or their acts on their

      Oh, of course, (fr.) Peter Holodny has also been out to Moscow, and
      had a good job, not as a priest of course, though his actions as a
      representative from the ROCA church was quite limited.

      Dialogue, It's interesting how the MP has its ways to make it "that
      much" difficult for the ROCA church to have its presents in Russia.
      It has done everything it can to have our ROCA church close down in
      Moscow. Even make it hard on the landlords who gave us the
      opportunity to have a church inside their buildings.

      "NO TO DIALOGUE!" That's it, and the mess will be cleared up, and
      back to normal. There can't be any rush, whats so ever.

      How simple is it, to sit on a couch back in the states, and watch CNN
      reports how Russia is celebrating Easter and Christmas now, and think
      that, well the time has come to rejoin and re-joice together.

      Dialogue... If we had a chance to have any dialogue, and our church
      was really into the idea of having any unification, then why didn't
      we join the OCA or have any context with them?

      Why is it that all of a sudden, there is an urgency and an interest
      in the MP?

      "Just Say NO!"


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