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  • eledkovsky@hotmail.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      Anyone with any sense who has seen Vladyka Vitaly more than once IN
      PERSON in the last 4 or 5 years knows he is not the man he once was.
      (I wonder how many of this list's vociferous posters have even seen
      him recently?) Even his great gift of oratory has been sadly but
      surely destroyed by the forces of old age; he forgets what he said
      100 seconds ago!! You don't have to be a doctor to recognize that he
      is no longer competent, and anything you see today that is in his
      name or carries his signature CANNOT BE TRUSTED. If he is so
      confused that he can't remember what he himself JUST said, then how
      can he be burdened with the complexities of running a (now) fractured
      church?! PLEASE, those of you who love ROCOR and the heritage of
      our blessed Hierarchs, Metrs. Antony, Anastassy and Filaret, PLEASE
      understand that Vladyka Vitaly cannot be accountable -- he really IS
      senile! It is heartbreaking, but true. And those who are manipulating
      him AND YOU and your love for the church are creating division and
      destruction that can only make the devil cheer!

      It is very sad, and one can understand the nostalgic feelings of
      those who want to hang onto the 'good old days' but it's JUST NOT
      REALISTIC. Vladyka Vitaly is OLD and not well. I believe that this
      was recognized by the Bishops long ago, and that the Metropolitan's
      retirement was suggested in previous years. The Synod/Sobor, in their
      wisdom, did not force the issue then... which, sadly, may have given
      the manipulators more time to organize their own agendas. Or, perhaps
      that's too strong; perhaps they, too, are just blinded by their love
      and nostalgia.

      What's presented on the web site suggested by Anna is most certainly
      NOT 'neutral' (under which jurisdiction is this 'monastery' anyway;
      what Bishop would allow such scandal-mongering publications? This is
      like the New York Post of r.o.-targetted web sites!). Some of the
      contents are of questionable taste (hearsay and talk back) and
      certainly goes against the monastic ideas of 'poslushaniye'
      (obedience) and 'smereniye' (humility), going so far as to publicly
      relate an e-mail debate with a consecrated bishop. Shameless! What's
      next, taping phone conversations?

      I am sure the hysterical fringe won't be convinced by my plea to
      understand the TRUTH about poor Met. Vitaly's condition. I
      understand, because I wish it weren't so, too. If Met. Vitaly were
      still the sharp tack, the man of iron will that he used to be, then
      we would most certainly not have witnessed this travesty. He would
      not have allowed it! Can't you see????!

      At the very least, I hope all will, as sincere Christians,
      pray for him AND Met. Lavr in these difficult times, in which only
      Satan is truly having a good time.

      In Christ's love,

      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., nanogram27@a... wrote:
      > I find it very interesting that you have to go to a Moscow website
      to find
      > out what is going on in the "free non censured" good old USA. "Free
      > doesn't seem to work that way when it comes to the church. Another
      > how many priests really know what has transpired, and therefore
      can't give
      > the laity of their parishes correct information? When I came into
      > church, I thought I was leaving the RC church; that has become
      ecumenical to
      > the extreme and has compromised itself to the point of being non-
      >I joined ROCOR because I believed it held the Truth as I had studied
      > becoming Orthodox. Now, I see that there will no doubt be a
      division, and
      > one that will come soon. Yet, so many are so unaware of what is
      going on!
      > Depending on whose email list you are on, you can get diametrically
      > views of "what really happened at the Sobor." So, Nicholas, you
      should be
      > concerned. Here is a web site for you that will answer your
      question. But
      > this email may be censured, and you may not get to read the
      articles posted
      > which are extremely interesting. Beware of the wolf in sheep's
      > http://monasterypress.com/statements.html#Anchor-42424
      > Anna
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