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5356Re: [orthodox-synod] Vladiko Vitaly??

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  • nanogram27@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2001
      I find it very interesting that you have to go to a Moscow website to find
      out what is going on in the "free non censured" good old USA. "Free press"
      doesn't seem to work that way when it comes to the church. Another question;
      how many priests really know what has transpired, and therefore can't give
      the laity of their parishes correct information? When I came into this
      church, I thought I was leaving the RC church; that has become ecumenical to
      the extreme and has compromised itself to the point of being non-definitive.
      I joined ROCOR because I believed it held the Truth as I had studied before
      becoming Orthodox. Now, I see that there will no doubt be a division, and
      one that will come soon. Yet, so many are so unaware of what is going on!
      Depending on whose email list you are on, you can get diametrically opposed
      views of "what really happened at the Sobor." So, Nicholas, you should be
      concerned. Here is a web site for you that will answer your question. But
      this email may be censured, and you may not get to read the articles posted
      which are extremely interesting. Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.
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