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5182(Fwd) Fwd: Where was God?

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  • Dr. Elizabeth W. Riggs
    Sep 30, 2001
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      This one is special -

      Elizabeth AKA Windy AKA MOM

      ------- Forwarded message follows -------


      First of all, God was trying to discourage anyone from taking the
      flights. Those four flights together could have held over 1000
      passengers and there were only 266 aboard.

      God was on 4 commercial flights giving terrified passengers the
      ability to stay calm. Not one of the family members who was called
      by a loved one on one of the high-jacked planes said that passengers
      were screaming in the background.

      On one of the flights God was giving strength to passengers to try to
      overtake the highjackers.

      God was busy trying to create obstacles for employees at the World
      Trade Center. After all only around 20,000 were at the towers when
      the first jet hit. Since the buildings hold over 50,000 workers, this
      was a miracle in itself.

      How many of the people who were employed at the WTC told the media
      that they were late for work or they had traffic delays?

      God was holding up 2-110 story buildings so that 2/3 of the workers
      could get out. It was so amazing that the top of the towers didn't
      topple when the jets impacted.

      God was in the rescue workers who were running into the buildings as
      most people were running out.

      God was in the flight attendant who called her husband as her plane
      was being hijacked to tell him that she loved him.

      God was in the two men who carried a wheelchair-bound woman down 70
      flights of stairs to safety.

      God was in the people who stood bleeding, in line to give blood.

      God was in the strangers in cars, picking up strangers stranded in
      the city and taking them home to their families.

      God is in the people who are begging to volunteer, to do anything to

      God is in the thousands, if not millions who are flooding blood banks
      thousands of miles away to help people they have never met.

      God is in the people who are comforting someone even when they don't
      know what to say.

      God is in the people who watched and cried for people who may remain
      anonymous in name, but never in their sacrifice.

      God is in my neighborhood where I see flags waving from every home.

      God is in the men and women, looking at 110 stories of rubble, and
      seeing only the opportunity to find survivors.

      God is with the heroes, most of whom will never be on the news, whose
      stories will only be told to their closest friends and family; but
      who saved someone's mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son,
      husband, wife, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, lover,
      colleague, acquaintance, teacher, mentor or friend with a single act
      of kindness, compassion and bravery.

      God was not in the hearts of the people that caused these inhumane
      events. However, God was indeed there, where He was needed the most.

      -- Author Unknown

      ------- End of forwarded message -------