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509[orthodox-synod] Re: Calvinism (was: Fwd: "Book Review Section," 25 July)

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  • Stephen Shott
    Aug 9, 1999
      At 9:32 PM -0400 on 5/8/99, Father Andrew wrote:

      >I remember a pretty child (Eurocentrically speaking) who is blond-haired,
      >blue-eyed, and Dutch looking. She was in my World History Class at
      >Davenport College, Grand Rapids.
      >"I believe in total depravity," she said.
      >I walked over to her, looked into her little Dutch face and said: "Funny,
      >you don't look totally depraved to me."
      >I don't think she got it. It's all the rest of us who are totally depraved.
      > The Elect are better than we. They do not even owe us the politeness we are
      >wont to give to dogs.

      I may well be wrong, but I don't think that Total Depravity means
      that one is "totally depraved", but only that one cannot help but
      sin, as a result of original sin.

      It was my understanding of this Calvinist doctrine that *all* are
      totally depraved (i.e., cannot help but sin), but that the elect, for
      whom (and only for whom) Christ died, are saved from damnation by
      God's irresistible Grace (i.e., they cannot help but be saved,
      because God has chosen them). Those that are not among the elect (the
      reprobate) are justly damned for their sins which they could not help
      but commit.

      Curious, really.

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