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50[orthodox-synod] Re: [jokes] Copywrite explained

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  • Michael S. Woodson
    Jun 9, 1999
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      Oh no. you reminded me of a joke. Here goes:

      An Aggie hosts a Czech exchange student at College Station and decides to
      take him to the Houston City Zoo (a reduncancy). Anyhow, the Aggie thought
      it would be fun to visit the gorilla cage and show his Czech friend that
      Americans know how to have fun. So the Aggie sticks his face near the bars
      and makes a face (redundancy 2) at two large gorillas, a male and a female.
      The gorillas seem to be used to the Aggie, paying him no mind. The Aggie
      challenges the Czech to match his bravery. The Czech, not to be outdone by
      an Aggie, repeats the Aggie's performance, is snatched up by a gorilla, and
      eaten alive. The Aggie is really shaken. The Zookeepers bring their rifles
      and demand to know which gorilla ate the boy. The Aggie, in distress points
      to the huge male gorilla, the protector. After shooting the gorilla and
      cutting him open, there is no sign of the victim! Shouting scorn on the
      Aggie, the Zookeepers had to shoot the second gorilla, the female, finding
      the poor exchange student therein. What is the moral of the story, folks?
      ? ?
      ? ?
      ? ?
      ? ?
      ? ?
      ? ?
      ? answer: ?

      When an Aggie says a Czech is in the male, don't you believe it!


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