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4977Re: [orthodox-synod] RE: Met. Vitaly and the debate of who wrote what

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  • Kiril Bart
    Jul 3, 2001
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      I did talk personally with his spiritual son, who
      called Metropolitan Vitaly to ask if it was his letter
      and Vladiko confirmed to him that it is. Also, I asked
      about state of health of Metropolitan Vitaly and he
      told me that he is completely in his mind but
      considering his age getting tiered quite often.
      I do believe that person more then other clergy rumors
      mongers on a e-mail forums.
      Best wishes, Subdeacon Kirill
      -- Michael Malloy <mmalloy@...-state.edu>
      > Has anyone considered asking Metropolitan Vitaly, or
      > someone close to him,
      > for the truth about these "alleged" letters? It
      > seems an awful lot of
      > people are using up a lot of stomach acid trying to
      > second guess this
      > situation. Either the Metropolitan wrote the letter
      > or he
      > didn't. Purpose, content, writing style, and all
      > other issues are
      > irrelevant. Only the truth matters.
      > ------End of Message ------
      > "A Psalm is the tranquility of souls, the arbitrator
      > of peace, restraining
      > the disorder and turbulence of thoughts, for it
      > softens the passion of the
      > soul and moderates its unruliness. A Psalm forms
      > friendships, unites the
      > divided, mediates between enemies. For who can still
      > consider him an enemy
      > with whom he has set forth one voice to God? So that
      > the singing of Psalms
      > brings love, the greatest of good things, contriving
      > harmony like some bond
      > of union and uniting the people in the symphony of a
      > single choir."
      > St. Basil the Great; in: Strunk, W. Oliver (William
      > Oliver), 1901- comp.:
      > Source readings in music history from classical
      > antiquity through the
      > romantic era. New York, Norton [1950]
      > Michael Malloy
      > mmalloy@...-state.edu
      > Ohio State University Music and Dance Library
      > 1813 North High Street : 166 Sullivant Hall
      > Columbus OH 43210 614-292-2319
      > FAX at OSU MUS: 614-247-6794
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