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492[orthodox-synod] Re: Fwd: "Book Review Section," 25 July

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Aug 8 7:22 PM
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      I forgot to mention to you that Paul Inglesby was the founder of the
      Anglican/Orthodox Society, in England, and, before he gave up and was
      baptized by Greek Old Calendarists, that Society was responsible for the
      conversion of some 45 Anglicans to Orthodoxy. Not surprisingly, the
      Anglicans came to look upon it (and him) as a threat.

      Paul is now attached to the godless commies of the Moscow Patriarchate, via
      Anthony Bloom. Archbishop Anthony, suprisingly, lets Paul and his wife
      reserve a consecrated Lamb in their home chapel. Apparently, Paul
      administers Holy Communion to Himself and Anna, with Anthony Bloom's consent.

      My question is: From what Jesut school did Archbishop Anthony graduate?
      (I, myself, graduated from Xavier University, Cincinnati, which, by some
      small chance, is a Jesuit school. That's how I recognize their thinking so
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